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^ I thought the same thing. They are literally so stupid that the words just fall out it seems.


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Reddit users have lost their grip on reality. It might not even be genuine people at this point. Just out sourced shilling from other countries to sow divide.


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I'll preface what I'm about to say by pointing out that I try to stay completely out of the abortion argument, because I think both sides are stupid...


....but every time I see some feminists trying to make abortion into a "Women's Issue," merely emphasizes to me how stupid feminists are. If they're portraying it as a moral issue, oughtn't both genders to have an opinion on it, or is it their goal to be sexist?


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Could you imagine if over 1 million baby murder/homicides with guns occurred each year?

Yet women voluntarily end the life of that many babies each year and no one bats an eye.


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It really depends, are we looking and negro or white data?

Blacks kill more babies than they shoot people.