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>inviting someone in to kill them

Looks like we've got them on premeditated murder!

Book 'em, Sam.

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This is why anti-abortion laws often have exceptions for cases of rape--because in those cases the woman did not consent to having a child placed inside of her. An even more understandable exception is for cases where the mother's life is threatened by the unborn child such as ectopic pregnancy.

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As someone else mentioned, the percentage of these cases is extremely low and as for ectopic pregnancies or those that threaten the mother's physical life, it's the doctor's duty to prioritize the mother's life in most cases.

Those are just pointless arguments that abortion supporters bring to the forefront in order to justify the murder of millions of otherwise perfectly fine unborn babies each year.

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Oh no, someone attacked you?

No it was my boyfriend but I regretted it afterwards now please dilate my cervix and decapitate my baby, I'm so empowered!

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Thats still an enormously small percentage

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Fuck those exceptions

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Damn I thought she had a point until you said this. The baby isn't trespassing, it was invited.

Good rebuttal

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I weep for your ability to reason on your own if you actually thought there was a good point there for a second and had to come to comments for a rebuttal. Like, really???

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But but but, what about extreme and rare edge cases like rape babies? If they can kill their children then why can't I? /s

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Or are guns less deadly than abortions?

Welllllllllllll ACKCHUALLY

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^ I thought the same thing. They are literally so stupid that the words just fall out it seems.

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Reddit users have lost their grip on reality. It might not even be genuine people at this point. Just out sourced shilling from other countries to sow divide.

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I'll preface what I'm about to say by pointing out that I try to stay completely out of the abortion argument, because I think both sides are stupid...


....but every time I see some feminists trying to make abortion into a "Women's Issue," merely emphasizes to me how stupid feminists are. If they're portraying it as a moral issue, oughtn't both genders to have an opinion on it, or is it their goal to be sexist?

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Could you imagine if over 1 million baby murder/homicides with guns occurred each year?

Yet women voluntarily end the life of that many babies each year and no one bats an eye.

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It really depends, are we looking and negro or white data?

Blacks kill more babies than they shoot people.

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Stand your ground doesn't allow you to invite someone onto your property and then kill them. The baby has an implicit 9 month tenancy agreement.

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This is why women dont get political opinions.

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Except that they do get political opinions. Fricken kikes!

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If the baby has a gun and threatening you, then it's OK to kill it.

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Babies are not cognizant of the firearm, maybe you should just take the gun away and give baby it's pacifier

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Would it make a difference if the baby is a time-traveler?

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Has anyone ever shot a baby that wandered onto their property and successfully defended themselves in court using stand your ground?

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Because infanticide is not self defense.

Let's see if these women can wrap their heads around that one.

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Abortions kill someone 100% of the time and sometimes they kill the mother too. More babies have been killed in the US than the so called "Holocaust" yet they refuse to call it genocide.

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Nothing is genocide except the 600 gbrizillion. Never forget that.

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If you want to go lolbertarian, you can argue that the infant is violating the NAP by occupying the womb.

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