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Even the black ones

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They actually think "Fren" is an acronym... what the hell.

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I mean... I'm ok with it.

Except I wouldn't call myself far right ever.

Maybe "Fair and Reasonable Ethnic Nationalist"

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>everybody moves left for two hundred years

>remain in the same spot in the center


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That Brianne and Matt tweet makes me sick. It reminds me of this quote by C.S. Lewis from Mere Christianity:


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C.S. Lewis delivers.

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In case no one noticed, Reditt took the overflow of the fatties with purple hair that was Tumblr. That's why there is so much retardation and getting offended over there. It's just shit now. Say something, get banned. That's the fucktard show that reddit is now. It'll eat itself. Nobody wants to listen to whining purple haired fatties demanding they be seen as classical beauties and obeyed despite their lack of any worthy ideas or efforts. Fuck that place, I"m done with it.

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We need to appropriate some of (((their))) music.

Imagine the freakout those antifa trannies would have; the gay orgy around a burning tire would instantly come to a halt when echoes of this softly came over the horizon.

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No, play a recording of it on loudspeakers.

Make them fear the things they love most.

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I will only go so far as to sing one of "Queen's " greatest hits, but that is as close as I get to show tunes.

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Dude, you can pretend to be a jew, be a total asshole on reddit and people wil apologise to you. Reddit is beyond gay.

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is "good ethno nationalist minecraft server" the new "good christian minecraft server"?

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