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What a fucking cuck. Like good on him for standing his ground for as long as he did but if my wife tried to undermine my authority by giving the laptop back I would have smashed it to bits and taken it out of the equation. If that then caused a ruckus I'd smash all the internet capable devices in the house and declare us all equally fucked over and forbidden from accessing the internet until such times as my position as head of my household is accepted and my authority never undermined again. If the wife doesn't like it she can fuck off but the kids stay because if she tries to take them I'd report her to the police for acting like a pedophile and grooming her own children into a sexual lifestyle before they'd taken baby steps into puberty.

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The key is to control all devices in your house so you don't have to smash them. Ignoring the fact that he purchased a mac... Every device you own for your family you need to be admin on and you need to have remote access. You should own your own router and wireless hub, it should be WPA2 secured with a password that you change periodically. You should be able to restrict what devices have access to it, that way you can just go to (or whatever IP your router is on) and block the device(s) that you don't want accessing the internet. For a more serious offense you should be able to lock your daughter out of the laptop until she is ungrounded. Smashing things just means eventually you will have to replace it, unless you plan to never have your kid use ~~microsoft word~~ LibreOffice or email.

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you don't even need to do that. just set up your router correctly and you don't have to do shit on any devices it will do it automatically... and you can have a second router to do whatever the fuck you want online with.

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If you actually think hed get the kids in a divorce youre delusional

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At the point it reaches what happens in the OP they can't be more lost. Might as well send the message and hope for the best but most real men would never be put in that situation

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This reminds me of a situation with an ex where she was complaining over a fast food order being wrong. The "restaurant" was 5 minutes away so I went and had them fix it and came home and it was still "wrong" so while she was complaining I just fucking threw her food and my food and told her to clean up the fucking mess and asked her if she was happy now because neither of us will get to eat.

I was an asshole when I was younger.

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You failed the shit test.

I would have just eaten everything, right in front of her.

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Nuke that whole fucking site I swear to God.


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Its a normal age to start looking at porn

Porn isn't fucking normal at any age, but especially at 12. There is a reason you have to be 18 under the law.

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Watched my first porn at 12-13 ish as a male. Led to fucked up porn addiction at a young age. Thanks kykes.

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You'll get to watch her become a strong, independent young woman.

AAAAAH! What the fuck? How can someone say this unironically?

I fucking hate reddit. We need a final solution to the reddit problem.

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strong single woman with 3 mulatto children

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There are a few sane people there, but none in the top 3 as of now.

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12 year olds shouldn't be on the internet.

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Imagine going on Reddit for parenting advice

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Reminder they had mother/daughter prostitutes and sex acts during the Weimer era.

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Oy vey you gentiles need to respect jewish culture!! Stop with this jew hating!! Shaloms™

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Wow. Just wow. Degeneracy normalized and emasculating the father in one go. Parent of the fucking year. That is a 16 year old single mom with a nigger baby in the making right there.

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She'll be making gloryhole videos under her parents nose, or doing the remote-vibrator-cam-girl shit like every whore on the internet.

Fucking hell, what a fucking shitty society.

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We all need to go out and just start burning down the headquarters for these places (in minecraft of course)

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