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What is the law that says the most simple explanation is likely the best one? I think it's great that even redditors are asking questions. The pendulum swings.

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Occam's Razor

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I never examined it closely before, but if I was in some fucking death camp and my friends disappeared after going to the "shower", I'd try to get the fuck out of there even if it meant I'd get shot at.

So I wonder, why didn't those motherfuckers try? That part I can't figure out.

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That would be the explanation with the fewest possible assumptions is often the correct one. Not that the simplest explanation is.

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Im fairly certain this screenshot is from several years ago.

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It is indeed

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Obvs one of our guys, n00b

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if only i could remember what i felt when i realized the truth about the holocaust... i'd like to know so i could picture that feeling and look with every new person that gets redpilled on this..

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Once I found out the prevailing knowledge after world war 2 was that the Soviets made up the Holocaust to demonize Germany, it all made sense.

Who runs the media? Who will stop at nothing to push the anti-white agenda? Who owns and manipulates the political system?

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It's fucking crazy cause I'm actually just learning about this and it pisses me off that as a child in school you don't question anything this horrific so you just automatically believe that the adults in your life aren't liars. The problem is that they were lied to as well for a couple generations before as well so at that point no one questions anything. Unbelievable. Same with the civil war. Like thousands and thousands of people really died to set the slaves free?

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The civil war wasn't even about the slaves. Lincoln just made that up as an excuse to bring the country back together.

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a good way to start the redpill on a kid in school is ask them who it was that declared war first (ww2). inevitably they will say..germany invaded poland duh! that's when i break out the old reliable... well did you know judea declared war on germany in 1933? so easy to prove so useful...and they will wonder why they haven't been taught that very relevant information ....

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This is your country on Jews. Any questions?

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Yes, how do you unJew it?

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You make it untenable to stay. Killing them in the streets and their homes is a pretty well tested technique. Economic disincentives can also work, but that process is slower and subject to manipulation.

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Put a tax on hand-wringing.

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They never would have accepted evidence anyway. It's always some bullshit loophole. Happens all the time with pseudoscience.

[–] oneinchterror 4 points 15 points (+19|-4) ago 

Holohoax revisionism isn't pseudoscience, you faggot.

[–] Shepperoni 6 points 0 points (+6|-6) ago 

It’s not nice to call people faggots, faggot.

[–] Tb0n3 7 points -1 points (+6|-7) ago 

I wasn't directly implying it, but you sure sperged out about it.

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Your tribe of pediphiles never had any evidence to present.

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I'm still not a Jew.

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It's always some bullshit loophole. Happens all the time with pseudoscience.

And they always project too. Some kike New Atheist accused Holocaust deniers of being like "creationists" in their supposed denial of truth when they do the same shit when face with actual truth that the Holocaust was bullshit.

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Lol they couldn't provide evidence and you kikes accuse them of not accepting anything. Need to provide to accept.

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If you actually paid attention and accepted the actual evidence given then there wouldn't be a problem. There's a problem because you retards constantly deny reality. Realities like, not everyone who disagrees with you is Jewish. Myself for example.

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To be Jewish is to remember the "Holocaust". The banking cartel needed to unite the Jewish minorities around the world and to support Israel. They did this by promoting fear amongst the Jews. This fear tactic is used by the financial elites around the world. Nothing has changed, people are cattle and they respond to fear. Controlling people's fear is key to power.

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So? What was the proof?

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The point of the story is there was no proof. The judge just said everyone knows it happened. And declared the guy get paid the 50k with no proof at all.

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My comment was supposed to be facetious. Though I appreciate your response.

I failed at the humor.

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And declared the guy get paid the 50k with no proof at all.

Re read, he paid 90K as he had to pay an additional 40K to one victim. Kikes cant even play fair by their own, preset rules

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The proof was the Jew's eyewitness testimony. Literally "I was there I saw it". https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocaust_denial#Institute_for_Historical_Review

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This is about the most jewiest jew shit I've ever seen.

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They need people use to seeing locked topics to get ready for 2020

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