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reddit is complicit in white genocide

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Then he scrubbed everything, but we archived it all. Fucking loser

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I'd say it's the main hub for dehumanizing whites, at least online. Maybe blatant antiwhite news media is worse, but that depends on the segment. Mostly young people are exposed to anti white filth on plebbit.

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And that is what is extremely dangerous. Reddits demographic is teenager and middle 20's mainly. They are indoctrinating these kids to become racists against their own self and others. It should be illegal and they should be sued

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Let them try to wipe us out., We all have guns. They just have soy...lots and lots of soy.

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Don't play the victim card.

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God fucking damnit look at the welcome text at r/theredpill:

This community is quarantined: It is dedicated to shocking or highly offensive content. For information on positive masculinity, please see the resources available at Stony Brook University's Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities (https://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/csmm/index.php).

This is one of the banners rolling at this 'positive masculinity' website

They have released two white papers:
Gender Inequality in: STEM Fields and Beyond: The Case for Engaging Men and Boys
Men as Allies in Preventing Violence Against Women: Principles and Practices for Promoting Accountability

The center for studies of men and masculinity focuses on violence against women, not against men. And the favourite feminist talking point - STEM.

Their partners are no better:

Instead of focusing on the rights and well being of men(as women center claim they do for women) these sites are all about gender equality and gender justice - for women.

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Center for the study of men and masculinity almost entirely staffed by women

That's like having a "Center for the study of african-americans and typical nigger behavior" staffed almost entirely by white people

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Imagine the courses for a degree in niggerology though.

  • "Cotton, from stem to bushel."
  • "Advanced whipping technique."
  • "Field studies in Detroit - Armored Vehicles Provided."

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Or a Southern Poverty Law Center staffed by a bunch of jews.

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Just seems like a slap in the face to me. Places like that exist because of this shit.

"Uh oh, these guys are engaging in some serious wrongthink! Ooh, I know what will convince them we're right! We'll drop a friendly little quarantine on their sub and link them to some propaganda that will surely convince them of the error in their ways! Yeah, that'll work! I sure love being an admin, I make such a difference!"

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No...mark my words. This is the first step to them shutting them down. It's happened before.

Remove them from /all, remove them from advertisers...they want it to die a death naturally, but barring that (Red Pill has over 300k subscribers); they'll just outright ban it.

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Wow. Are they really that terrified of a boy's club?

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Masculinity is probably one of the only forces that could stand against (((them))), that and nationalism and the nuclear family.

It's worth looking at the (((Board of Directors))) as well. Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda. Fucking knew it.

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Globalist kikes can't really function in the presence of actual men, so they cultivate hyper effeminate doormats to surround themselves with.

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Feel so bad when I talk to friends and they start that self deprecating masculinity talk. I was pointing out to a guy that women need to have their relationship shit together by the time they're 30 because their eggs go bad so soon and this is one of the reasons lots of jobs that require hard work in your 20s like tech are more male dominated.

He turned the statement around into a "lol men have it so easy" to which I replied that no you have to be working fucking hard progressing your career because you likely need to be able to support her and your kids just from your salary alone. To which I got sort of a disgusted look for implying that women might need taking care of.

So many guys spend so much time vying for the approval of women they just seem to get brainwashed and think lesser of themselves.

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Every time these people are talking about men it's never a specific man. It's always 'men'. I have never tried this, but if you throw this in their face it might make them think: which men? Your father? Your brother? Your son? Is it yourself you are talking about? Your friends? They will probably answer no or not answer at at. As you say they are brainwashed so throw some shaming in there as well, it should work well on less rational people(later you can criticize them for responding to shaming and not logic).

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Did they have a single mom?

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It's offensive because Jews hate everything good and beautiful and white people are the pinnacle of good and beautiful.

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Who controls reddit really? truly? who? the globalists, dark deep international military, huffman homosexuals, degenerates like Pao or the Atlantic Council bitch or are these are evil psychos who want to see Europeans or White Americans dead genocided like ISIS tried to genocide Yezidi ? Why is the look or aesthetic of American or European or White suddenly 'evil'....legend folklore talks of the old age of human elf and grace etc may perhaps be replaced by something more Orc-ish anyone rember the 80s, 90s, 2000s era with music and adverts and film with Elle MacPherson, Adriana Lima, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Gisele Bündchen, Paulina Porizkova, Liu Wen, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen why did it all suddenly die? and get replaced by inbred religious islamist or the Serena da Penis Roid Rage Williams type?

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Who controls reddit really? truly? who?

Don't worry. We have it all figured out.

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Stating no jews in the sidebar is bound to attract accusations of hate. Although being pro white is certainly enough to attract the hate label.

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'No Jews' needs to be said over and over and over until it becomes easy to say in public.

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My 75 year old mother had no idea Jews weren’t white. I had to explain that to her.

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Saying "no jews" isn't any different from asking that "no blacks" or "no asians" be posted in a subreddit dedicated to sharing pictures of beautiful white people. But the jewish media loves to ignore the cultural and genetic differences between jews and whites.

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It's waycis to dislike people posting weak-chin hook nosed inbreds on your site for beautiful people, lmao.

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Porn subreddits like SnowWhites and PaleGirls specify that they require pale skin, rather than excluding other races or saying whites only. It's really only a semantic difference. WhiteBeauty just phrased it the wrong way.

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Well until they pull out there victim card, then it's non stop kvetching from those creatures.

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Jews are officially classified as a non-white race in USA due to a US Supreme Court decision Shaare Tefila Congregation v. Cobb 481 U.S. 615 (1987)

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Jews aren't white. My guess is they had a bunch of jews trying to shit up their sub if thhey felt the need to post that

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The red pill is also starting to go under. Expect some more refugees soon. Though I'd wager most will leave since we won't condone helping blacks game wyte wimmins

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Reddit's redpill sub has always been distinctly not redpilled, ironic enough.

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I think it's got a lot to do with the host but you are definitely correct. I always refused to give advice to blacks or other ethnics on how to game white girls, if it was voat I would tell them to keep their dick in their own mud pit.

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considering they are nothing but an extension of the pickup artist scene, they have an interest in keeping feminism around in some form or another

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Why though? Voat needs to be about real freedom of speech as stated rather than just a WN hangout. I guess I'm more into demonstrating once again the maxim 'get woke go broke'. I'd rather have the not entirely retarded reddit people shift over once they realize any dissent whatsoever and just fun in general has been banned over there.

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You're exactly right and here we are free to talk about how we want to actually put our own people first and make people aware of the damage interracial relationships cause and refuse to give advice to people on how to procure them. I won't advise someone on how to ruin other people's lives. I'm not an SJW. I will tell anyone advising on how to further miscegenation that they are a subversive faggot who is digging their posterity's grave and many others share that sentiment.

It's not a WN board it just so happens that saying anything positive about whites is immediately misconstrued that way and that shows how deep the pit we're in is. Ideas that are wrong look right when the opposition is silenced. That's why you might think of this place how you do, because all the bs out there can't hold up to scrutiny in a place we aren't censored.

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They have their own platform, and for some time now.

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Don't worry, the tide is turning.

I think the Kavanaugh hearing will be like Gamergate and redpill a lot of people.

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The fire rises.

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They're just angry because Black Beauty is about a horse.

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r/NSFW is r/whitebeaty in disguise.....go check for your self how many sheboon groids you can find on the first 10 pages.

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the jew version, maybe. porno is degenerate

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I hear ya buddy. I am just saying the vast majority of porn is white women when you find a curated and voted on website like reddit.

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