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New reddit refugee here.

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You're a niggerfaggot.

[–] high-valyrian 10 points 2 points (+12|-10) ago 

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That subverse is a fucking dumpster fire of reddit-tier faggotry and mods being assclowns.

Fuck that place, and fuck you for shilling it.

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Fuck that. V/GreatAwakening

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i hope your family dies in a fire.

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Same here!

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Just got here from reddit. I am the literal manifestation of the John Travolta from Pulp Fiction lost meme. Just looking around trying to find my people. Older, White, Straight, Conservative, Christian, Veteran, American. Check all the boxes that cause liberals heads to explode.

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we're here. Not hard to find. I'm at least NOT two of those items on your list, but definitely a veteran and conservative lol

[–] high-valyrian 13 points 8 points (+21|-13) ago 

r/greatawakening mod here. Banned by admin LandofLobsters for rule one, although not a clue what we'd done. Amassing now at v/theawakening

[–] TheGreatRoh 1 points 14 points (+15|-1) ago 

Rule 1 is don't not be a leftist.

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It was planned since early this morning. It's part of their genius plan to silence the movement, and it'll have a small effect ... for a few days. It's the same story over and over ... for hundreds ... thousands of years -- probably longer. Now playing out on Reddit. It had to happen eventually....

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You have brought eddit with you, faggot; https://voat.co/v/theawakening/about/log/submission

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Boomers get out.

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Just migrated. Hopefully we can communicate openly here. XMX

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Exactly why some of us came here 3+ years ago, and are suspect of the niggers/jews that were complacent with each wave of bans

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Reddit has become a steaming pile of censored shit.

[–] ThisTooShallPass 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

I can only hope all those sheep keep getting the precious vaccines they are so conditioned to love.

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You can't un-know or un-see these things once you've been "awakened". It's amazing how strong that wall is that people have built up in their minds.

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We all knew this was coming, so the timing is curious. Must be big news about to drop.

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Nothing of value was lost

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Awesome, and the subverse on this site is ran by SRS aka the same shills who got it banned off reddit

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