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It's much worse than that. It's broadcast unencrypted, so any antenna or satellite dish can catch it. And some of it is streamed online.

BUT you're not allowed to watch it unless you pay for that TV license. So it's not really "open to the public" at all. You just have to pay for it. Almost as if it was already privatized.

Except! If you don't pay for, then the government will track you, send you threatening letters, and even show up in person. To do inspections. To ascertain that you don't have the means to watch it. Because, if you have the means to watch it, surely you won't be able to resist watching it. Of course, since it's broadcast everywhere unencrypted, simply owning a TV, computer or smart phone is cause for suspicion. But we caan't have you watching The Beeb without your Loicense now, can we?

Who pays these government goons to stalk and harass you? Well, you do, of course.

What would you call a private business that behaves this way?

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What would you call a private business that behaves this way?

A state.

Whether it's the state of North Korea or the Islamic State of Iran and Syria or a Mexican drug cartel or the CIA. A state is a state is a state. And human rights are the only bulwark against it. And even then, only those that accept the restrictions against state power.

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