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I hope these guys aren't as homocentric as those MDE fags.

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Seriously though, I found MDE waaayy after I had been redpilled as was completely shocked it existed as long as it had. I thought it was pretty funny and had a relatively burgeoning group of 45k subs with its own kind of culture. I really can't stress enough how shocked that they were still around up until yesterday. Its a shame to see any redpill source banned, it's just another beachhead for us.

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I was a frequent viewer and occasional poster of MDE. There were a lot of nonsensical and absurdist posts, but the community overall was closely knit and we had a good thing going. Anyway, the banning of it has lead me to Voat, so I hope we can rebuild our community here in some form

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I've been poking the head of my penis in their butt holes for a day now and still not a protest to be heard. I hear they like gassing jews so that's nice.

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MDE isn fucking weeb tier shit humor. I'm sad it came here.

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We've been immunized by gabara and SBBH, how deadly could it be to us? I mean really, instead of crap maybe we can get some shit with corn kernels in it now.

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Huh. I think cringeanarchy was actually where I learned about Voat's existence.

Hope they don't have to go down in flames.

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Cringe Anarchy is probably one of, if not the least toxic “political” sub on Reddit these days. It’s the only reason I still use reddit

All the more reason for Nate the Hate to get rid of it.

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They're giving birth to new goats.

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New here. Where else can we go?

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milliondollarextreme got banned last night

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If it gets banned there. Make it here.

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I mean, that's basically the purpose of this entire website.

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but many of these cut subs do not get remade.

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Could you elaborate?

[–] IGiveZeroFucks [S] 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

/r/ChadRight banned outright.

r/CringeAnarchy has been infiltrated by corrupt mods banning everyone for bullshit reasons. Sub ban seems imminent.

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They usually don't ban infiltrated subs, that is their strategy. Controlling the opposition is more effective than attempting to remove it altogether.

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/r/witcher is now too, ended up being banned for something i said 4 days ago. i didn't have mindless praise for black people.

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How is it different from normal cringe then? Whats anarchy about it now?

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Yeah I am trying for the first time today to play on voat but getting millions of errors, freezes, and hang-ups. it's not a very friendly place so far.

[–] IGiveZeroFucks [S] 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Happens everytime there's a mass banning and subsequent large migration of reddit users to voat.

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Has Voat tried making their servers out of something besides scotch tape and styrofoam?

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I enjoy our refugees from plebbit.