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The worst part about this is how a certain group of people will undoubtedly turn this into a discussion about what the victim could have done to avoid getting shot in his own apartment. As they do every time a black person minding their own business is killed.

Probably not, we'd go the route of "this is why women shouldn't be police officers... firemen... soldiers...". She's must have had training in how to deal with criminals, how to de-escalate situations and stuff like that, yet apparently her first response was firing her weapon.

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This is bait.

I mean, it's too (((on the nose))) and probably intended to cause another uproar/chimpout and push further for race war.

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Yeah that happened here in Dallas. I'm wondering how she got in? You've got to lock your doors, trust nobody.

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I heard this on the radio this morning too. She was in the wrong building on top of it!

Too much missing info!

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Yeah, there is more to this story. She's obviously in the wrong but....

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any chance this cop may have been a scorned coal burner as well?

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I doubt it. If she was white they would have mentioned it by now right? It be plastered all of the headlines: Racist White Police Officer murders Innocent Black Man.

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Lock you doors..

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Police woman after work went to a be wrong apartment and building after work. She did get arrested.

That’s all the radio said.

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Radio is stupid I got my own inner voices to entertain me