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No, liberals believe some people are inferior. And that's why they need additional assistance.


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It's all part of the delusion. They are not aware of their own hypocrisy.


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they are well aware of there own hypocrisy. there are many layers at work. jews are smart enough to know they are the monsters. you just have to look at the high percentage of birth defects and diseases that only exist within themselves. they hate themselves but only because they constantly compare themselves to others. its an inferiority complex that drives them. they also hate being told what to do by the likes of a lesser people so any judgement or opinion from a non jew is invalid. they act the part of being dedicated to a cause they know to be false. when they are up there speaking its not the words that matter but the key words, the tone, the volume, the saber rattling, the pressure applied to the audience, group thought. they dont believe in equality but believe by exalting the lower people to the middle and upper not tribal members they will be in turn exalted as the leaders of the new world