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And all the blacks living middle class are what, flukes? It doesn't make sense.


[–] cyclops1771 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

Two things - ignore blacks who are middle class. They are simply "Uncle Toms" or "house niggers" or whatever. They are to be dismissed as outside the narrative, unless they toe the line. Shaming is a very powerful tool, and they are shamed into voting "black", because everything that happens to them is due to racism.

Second, there is a concerted effort to keep blacks poor, unemployed, and uneducated. The dumber and more reliant on government for living, without doing any work, the easier they are to manipulate and use. Hence why the narrative CANNOT be tolerated to be gone against. The way you make propoganda stick is by repeating it over and over, and removing any other claims. Pravda did not have Pro/Con editorials in it.


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That’s why they move into white neighborhoods because they are treated just like any other neighbor.


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The blacks in my neighborhood are doing good! One has a boat and a buggy thingy.

So I have about 5-10 families of blacks in my neighborhood who are all flukes and not ghetto.