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I'm sure those 634 downvotes are completely organic.

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Back when I watched football every Sunday, I recall Kaepernuts, and the guy is accurate. He was mediocre at best, he choked in the Superbowl. And didn't want to be a backup in the NFL so he quit. Now he's a hero. All because he virtue signaled. He kneeled after he got benched also.

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Someone had money to spend thats for sure.

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Not that we should trust the numbers at all. They've already admitted to fuzzing scores and got caught editing comments, and that was before the biggest advertiser-friendly pushes in the new design and "NSFB" tags.

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4x gilded

Reddit's bots are the ones who don't approve

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I noticed that too. I bet they wish they could hide that from view.

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What did you notice? I'm not familiar with reddit.

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Tfw you are so proud to show off how your consumer base will pay you for nothing but hate it when they are circumventing the vote manipulation system

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What on earth was offensive about this statement? How would one refute it??

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Liberals believe everyone is equal. They have a problem when reality shows them that people are not equal, and they develop differently and have different capacity. So, because they believe people are equal, and we clearly have a group of people who aren't acting like they are equal, they need something to blame that behavior on. That post on reddit was explaining that they aren't equal and they caused their own problems. This doesn't work for liberals, they believe those people are on equal footing as themselves, but they don't appear equal because of some sort of injustice, usually something white people have done. The whole liberal handling of claiming that everyone is equal, even though they don't act the same, is pretty simple.

Liberal: Everyone is equal, everyone is the same

Reality: look at this crime and other problems coming from this specific group of people

Liberal: Everyone is equal, they only reason why this is happening is because something is making those equal people not act like everyone else

It's basically just denial about people being different.

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No, liberals believe some people are inferior. And that's why they need additional assistance.

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usually something white people have done.

It is something (((white people))) have done. If you call Jewish Democrats "fellow white people."

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God made man with equal eternal potential. They are responsible for their decisions from then on.

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What on earth was offensive about this statement?

The idea that black people have agency and, therefore, responsibility. Liberals don't think this is the case because they're racist to the core but don't want to admit it even to themselves.

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The narrative is "Whoite privilege, blacks CAN'T get ahead due to racism"

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And all the blacks living middle class are what, flukes? It doesn't make sense.

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Cultural marxism is a class analysis. Blacks are the prolateriat, whites are the bourgeoisie/nobles. If you suggest the problem is with blacks then you're blaming the victim.

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What about working class and poor whites? They must be blacks who identify as whites, duh.

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I've never seen a comment with so many negative votes and at the same time 4 gold stars. If people don't see this as blatant manipulation they are idiots!

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I wonder when the great Reddit sub purge is going to happen? The admins added some additional language to the TOS that further limits content in /r/gundeals. The front page is complete garbage content. With the newest revision, Reddit is more like 9gag.

What a shithole site, yet, the masses still flock around it.

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Le based nigger

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Few and far between.

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I'm black so I can say this with conviction

I'm White so I can say it with even more conviction as my people are victims of black crime disproptionate to their population percentage and in stark contrast of crimes commited by my people aginst blacks.

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Nike: Just Kneel!

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The truth is like knives to them.

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We should share the truth with them.

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Holy shit, what was that about?

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Downvoated for unexpected gore.

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