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I'm sure their care was better than what they would've gotten in Mexico.

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Probably never happened.

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Liberals can't stand the truth. It's like holy water.

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And the down votes persist.

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If this even happened, maybe don't bring your baby next time you go commit crimes and invade a foreign nation.

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maybe don't bring your baby next time

What was she going to do? Chuck the urn over the wall?

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Stay in her own country?

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Either leave the baby with relatives in her shithole country while she goes and plays commando invading a foreign nation, or just stay there to begin with. Don't make your baby into a foreign combatant criminal and then be surprised when bad things happen to it.

Normal behavior is to protect your child from danger, not use it as a tiny, wiggly human shield.

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America was literally all rainbows, gumdrops and anal sex until evil trump came along and made the government bad and stuff. Dont you nazis know that?

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Yep, standard liberal comment. The detention centers were Trump Admin idea, he is killing illegal immigrants wholesale, what a monster !!!!

Perfectly OK during the Dumbo Admin.

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If America is so bad and evil, why are they coming here?

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