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LOL! She wanted to ride the cock carousel and so did he! Fucking classic!

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I was going to say that thats not what classic means, but then I remembered what year it is.

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This is from r3ddit Oct. 13th 2017 - 'A woman tried to "open" her 20 year marriage. It doesn't go quite as planned.' - http://archive.is/LOqwD

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Trans women are women. 10 x

Seems like someone is pushing agenda there. Or people are that brainwashed.

You go into any entry level biology class and these comments become insane.

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That 2nd comment is gold really you find it hard to believe trannies are eager to get fucked casually and often by older men? Most of them have been getting abused by older men since they were little. If they run into a nice one they are going to be all over them

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transfaggots are mentally ill and on meth 90% of the time, chances are the hubby is doing meth as he gets his rocks off... next: legalize meth for fags

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transfaggots are mentally ill


and on meth 90% of the time

Could you please elaborate? How did you conclude this?

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Meth for sure. It's behind so much of this shit.

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How does anyone use that website?

Oops you forgot to stick a party hat up your ass this week, that means you're a Nazi and shadowbanned

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You should feel empowered because your cishet white man is so progressiv.

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And he brings his degenerate flesh dolls near the kids too.

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she wanted the cock then wound up instead being tossed aside like a used fucking paper cup

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I love the comments from allegromosso. What this confused, hurt woman needs to hear right now is that she's nowhere near degenerate and insane enough and needs to plunge her face right into the pain and madness and gobble up more and more

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Comments from donnademuertos are also very helpful : 'he's being an asshole - to these young dickchicks. You need to intervene to protect them from him. Also, maybe murder him.'

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Reading the comments in that thread gave me cancer. Soy based cancer.

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Reddit is the ass cancer of the internet.

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What a bunch of degenerates.

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