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It's getting more and more obvious that the neoliberal world order has certain interests it protects from criticism from both the left and the right.

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You got it. Its a full scale war!

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When this is all over, don't forget that they want you broke, dead, and your children raped and they find it funny.

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So I read the whole thing. What even made them think there was some kind of foul play at work? From what I can tell it was just a handful Iranian accounts posting news relevant to Iran in receptive communities.

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What even made them think there was some kind of foul play at work?

Anything that deviates from the narrative is foul, by definition. Conclusions first, then reason.

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Exactly. For all we know these are just Iranians posting pro-Iran articles. Is it so hard to believe that people have an in-group preference? Next they'll claim that foxes chasing, killing and eating rabbits is some giant fox conspiracy.

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But all the mods of political subs only post things that fit their agenda, and they don't even care if it's reputable or remotely true.

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...the opportunity to enhance our defenses by developing a trusted reporter system

...have recently formed a threat detection team

Guaranteed no issues developing with that.

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threat detection team

Sounds like anyone who would agree with iran would be a threat

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Sources outside of the U.S. narrative posting actual facts. "It's another Shoah"!!!!

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The kikes are at it again!