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SF is now classified as "a steaming pile of art performance."

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headline: "so brave!"

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Maybe legalities aren't your real problem?

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G. G. Allin

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I was about to say, ol Jesus christ allin was doing this 30 years ago and people loved it.

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Who started out doing "performance art" in New York. Stuff like beat poetry recital night in coffee shops.

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I love how it says deficate to make it sound more professional.

Hi kathy, been awhile, hey what did you end up doing with that doctorate in gender studies?

A. Oh you know serving coffee during the day and at night I do awareness raising performance fart.... I mean art. Well actually....

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I think the clarification was necessary. After all, everyone shits publicly all over San Francisco. Performance art that includes public shitting probably wouldn't go over too well there.