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Shes gonna start sucking dick to boost her self esteem.

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The low self esteem shittest of a beta male. In the end, this will end badly for him.

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Yep. He thinks because he’s watching it’s no problem. Then some nights he’s working she’s having fun.

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Sorry, thanks for the un-fucked link.

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No prob. I got your back on this, fellow goat.

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Op is one of the cucks in all those cuck porn vids. And he LIKES it!

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I love that he adds "I started bouncing" and "shes with the big guy by the door". This dude is probably referring to "big" as "fat" and who wants to be cucked. Let's be real.

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My 49yo wife of 3 decades in smoking hot,

She would of been sucking dick decades ago if he was a cuck.