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I honestly think that the deplatforming of Alex Jones has to do with the fact that he would report on something like this.

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He was their test case because he's easy to hate. They're slowly moving on toward more "mainstream" people. If they aren't stopped there will be no one left to break the narrative. People think they're getting "the news" from FB etal, and they have no professional obligation to be fair, or even consistent in their editorial actions.

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They haven't managed to take us down yet. I think it may be too late to stop this snowball.

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I never watched his show - has he spoken about it before?

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Not as far as I know, also welcome to the alex jones astroturf thats apparently going on now.

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I personally have not, but I guy I worked with in 2009 was always talking about infowars; even had an "INFOwars, there's a war on your mind" sticker on his pickup. From conversations with him I think that Alex is not only aware of the JQ, but has been compromised to not talk about it. In his earlier years, he was not "The water is turning the frogs gay!!!" crazy, but was actually preforming some rather decent investigative journalism, albeit on black ops subjects, he Fed and conspiracy tier shit. He would be the TYPE of person to bring up world events like South Africa, but would more than likely take a Globalist/Chinese involved approach. He would very likely not directly claim it was specifically white people who are being targeted, but would likely have someone call in who would make a pass by statement on how it is only white folks, and that would be that; The convo would continue without any of focus on what is really critical information, and would make the listeners "read between" the lines.

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He’s spoken out on this issue several times and done interviews several times with people like the leader of the Suidlanders.

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Alex Jones getting the boot was a test run. They're clamping down harder now.

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Books will be written about the criminal level of political censorship. When we resurrect academic education from the bolsheviks they'll be used as examples of how that behaviour has to be stopped before it starts.

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I live for this future -- where truth reigns free, where history is ours to write again. I fight for it.

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Pieceseeker..I love what you did with that name. It looks fabulous on you.

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History will not be kind to them for trying to wipe out an entire race.

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A stitch in time saves nine.

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Goes to show they're in on it. If you defend evil people doing evil things, help cover them up, you're evil too.

They literally want white people displaced.

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They're covering up the torture too.

Those California fucks are taking actions to ensure people get tortured and murdered.

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Just remember to apply the same (((mercy))) to them as they are applying to us.

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Displaced murder and raped out of existence

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They want this memory holed, because when south africa fails, it will not look good.

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And when black South Africans are getting themselves in trouble the European Union will save them by importing them to Europe ... sick world we live in.

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shiet I didn't even think about that.

How much does your current employer pay you?

grubby hands

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So if I made a post there of:

I'm White and live in South America, I would like to view a picture of Africa. My name is Marty Farmland III.

...then I'd be shadowbanned? Totally homosexual. ..guess that's why I love it here so much.

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HA! Please do this and report the results.

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They'd probably shadowban me just for posting with a new account. Frikkin melonfarmers.

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Disproved instantly with the top post on my own sub here: https://www.reddit.com/r/GreatBritish/

Titled "Government appears to back South Africa policy of dispossessing white people of their farmlands".

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How's it looking now? What's the general traffic to that sub? Is it just the main subs getting the shadowbanning? Or are they just the quickest to respond?

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How's it looking now?

You tell me. Can you see the two posts? They've received an upvote each, so someone must have seen them.

What's the general traffic to that sub?

Not high currently. Only 10 users.

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Deep fried memes time?

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Excellent idea

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It's too obvious.

You're a commie. You despise wealth

so you get rich being a commie into media and the state.

couldn't be more obvious

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