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The better joke is the person who says "quote-on-quote" when they mean quote un-quote censorship.

Literally mocking voaters for "thinking" they are censored in a thread where people are clearly discussing censorship.

How can you be that dumb?

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The better joke is the person who says "quote-on-quote" when they mean quote un-quote censorship.

lol i mean you really don't need to say quote-unquote at all if you are writing something that you put quotes around. what a dumbass

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Pretentiousness at any cost.

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Proves our point.

I am waiting for when they get banned for not being left enough. It's coming.

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If you don't to have your penis cut off by a nigger, then you aren't (((left))) enough for Eddit, BANNED!

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The entire left is based on the “who can take the high ground” on every single issue. The will try to be holier than every other person on the left. It’s amusing.

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Yes, they are litteraly that retarded and oblivious.

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No it's a different site formed in repsonse to Reddit banning subs like r/coontown and the like, and general quote-on-quote "censorship".

Holy fuck these people are retarded.

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They actually think removing posts like that isn't censorship. They do not know the meaning of the word. Just because it hurts your feefees or may not be backed by some retarded scientific study doesn't mean removing it isn't censorship.

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They also don't understand phrases like "quote/unquote," and that when quotation marks are present there's no need to use the phrase anyway.

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Imagine being so triggered that you want someone banned on a completely different site.

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> didn't take off, though

Hah. Haha. HahahahahahahAHAhHAHAHHAAAHA... For reference, 8ch is ranked #1248, in the US. I don't hear anyone saying that 8ch "didn't take off".

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If by didn't take off they mean isn't loaded with thousands of bots upvoting cat pics then I guess they are correct.

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it's a barely populated racist shithole.

Topkek what a dumb ass nigger

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What want ban you for? What soccor related horror did you expose? And more importantly, how many reddit zombies do we get stumbling in here not realizing they aren't in Kansas anymore?

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Not OP, but I’m assuming that he noticed that the French team was African, the British team was African, etc...

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to add to alwaysmakingprogress, zero african teams (AFC confederation) qualified for the round of 16. i'm sure that caused some racial jokes as well

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Imagine being so retarded you don't even realise what website you're on :/

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Looks like part of R's "redesign" fucks with archiving. I'm sure that was not totally intentional....


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Voat took off and they are just bitter they cant tell each other apart between cucks, asians, and majority of bots.

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