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When you say that overpopulation is an issue and white people should stop breeding, but simultaneously want more and more non-white immigrants to fix declining birth rates.

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They mean white over population despite whites being a global minority.

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It's almost like importing millions of non-whites to fix declining birth rates is a lie. But the media and God's chosen people would never lie, right?

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See also: the UN crap about "Japan needs immigrants!!1!1"

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In addition, want white countries to reduced their pollution output when it is magnitudes insignificant compared to the 3rd world's dumping, burning, and destruction of fuana and flora.

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"Date outside you race once in while"

I tought race wasn't important and a social construct.

Also wahts that about low birth rates so we apperantly need to import people from breeder cultures.

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It's the dumbocrat's ever present demonstration of tolerance through intolerance.

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The sad part is their “logic” fails at virtually all levels and in virtually every way.

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The people spewing resentment and pretending to hate this, likely are secretly hurting inside and getting eaten with jealousy that they don't even have intact families of their own, let alone beautiful strong extended families like this one.

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This big-time. Also many of them are loser men who can't attract white women and are resentful of it. If their kids can't be white, nobody's can!

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Soooo you are saying the linshits project?!

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More like (((Lipshitz))), goyim...

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What a great picture! I think the sad part is that we live in a world where this is becoming a rare occurrence. It saddens me greatly to see the ignorant fail to see that even they are part of a family tree/unit that stretches far and wide. They have all but lost their sense of belonging :( and attack what they do not understand.

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They have all but lost their sense of belonging

Hench why they seek belonging by obssesing what goes in which hole.

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:( The seeking of the ultimate quick fix, the ultimate distraction, high and moment to bury the reality of things. If people could overcome their shame, be inspired to greatness, forgive themselves and instil self respect, value and worth they would not attack the family unit.

I say let everyone who does not belong to a family unit stand up and contest this picture...

Geez what idiotic comments, their mouths need to be briddled.

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And you know most of the commenters have extended families just as big and just as Caucasian.

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Rules for thee but not for me seems to be the rallying cry of more recent generations.

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Progressive Projective.

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I bet none of that family is on welfare/gibs either.

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Even China isn't overpopulated.

7 billion people could fit into Africa easily and there's be room to grow lots of food. It's over managed.

The question is, how many foreign groups converge on Reddit to spread hate?

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I couldn't get any sensible results from the degraded and manipulated state of search engines today. Could you explain what the Hans Projects is please.

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That’s disgusting to see, how have people become so brainwashed?

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They probably weren't raised by their parents because their parents both have to work in order to afford their standard of living. In the schools they go to they learn nothing about the heritage they belong to and they're taught to be rootless cosmopolitan cogs in the machine. In the media they consume, they're taught that whites, especially straight white men, are incompetent, evil, and crude beings who the world would be better off without.

It's more strange that they haven't all committed mass suicide by this point. Then again, when you look at Sweden and Germany, they're doing they're damn best at that too.

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low iqs

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low iqs send to a place for 4 years so they think they have high IQ.

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It's not as much IQ as much as it is the power of collective vs single minds. Engineers and scientists fall for the shit too but the media has also made it a tabo to question it's motives.

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Those aren't people. Those are shills.

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These aren't all people. Duplicate accounts and leftist shills are commonplace and used to throw disproportionate shade on something as heartwarming as this family.

In a nutshell it's everything they fear in a single picture. Strong, supportive white unity.

If they got "their" way and had mixed race marriages or kids, this would only be the before picture, before the black dad left, leaving the white families to pick up the pieces. Kind of like the rest of society does today.

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