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Heh, maybe China isn't so bad after all.

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reddit are money grabbing globalist fags so they will do as google did and do everything and more and worse, to stay in business with China

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It was actually just a joke. Jesus.

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Exactly. They will not let that money just walk away. A new wave of bens the like that has never been seen is on the way.

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Why is it China is so horrible but we keep hearing about all these great things happening there?

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It's unreasonable, even in the name of free speech, that tyrannical companies like Reddit and company are allowed to spew the filthy propaganda that they do. For some reason, no one is reeeeeing about China doing it. I don't get it at all.

Most of those Asian countries appear to be copying the ww2 European countries attitudes and no one bats an eye. Also, even with all the gay shit that happens in shithole countries like China., It's a lot more free in some ways. Really. It's more free that. America and Europe.

Americans and Europeans tout pornography and promiscuous sex as the ultimate activities to behold as well as brown people and women worship. And let's not forget feeling guilty about anything is touted as virtuous. It's mental illness gone rampant.

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Reddit blocks so much. Gets blocked. I hope they’re mad about it

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Not that there aren't countless ways around it, but it would be interesting if suddenly surreptitious bot activity decreased there.

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"Don wan noh fag in China!"

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Much as I want to applaud this, and I do...it's still censorship.

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I feel it is ok to censor the censors.

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This is a BIG WIN for all reddittors across the globe! Finally a country has stood up, where it's not individuals or private companies that have any power to censor anyone. Finally a country has stood up where leaders gave themselves so much power that they, and only they, have the power to censor. China is a great example for the West, as only the government should decide what people can see/read/think.

Congratulations Reddit, I am happy for you!

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Don't interrupt the goats hailing China for this and setting it as an example for the world.

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How do I upvote China?

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