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Great work man. One of the greatest tools is to uncensor censored speech.

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I don't really care about reddit but some here still do. Thanks for the hard work and commitment you put in.

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It was a pretty easy change, and https://notabug.io shares a ton of UI code with snew so I was able to port the expandos over.

The share links will take you to a pre-filled submission form on notabug, for self posts it will automatically covert the link to a snew.github.io link.

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This is a motherfucker I want to meet. He's my kind of people.

That said, on your site, I can't identify who is saying what. I kind of like that part of voat.

Generally a good idea IS a good idea no matter who says it and I can differentiate between the two but what I think you're implying is that people can't. Maybe you're right, maybe your not idk. It's your site so we'll see how it plays out.

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Ill go further than that and say that what you do is actually important. Narrative pushers have a much harder time when you can quickly restore a deleted comment.

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nice one, gf. You're the best. I don't often use snew but when I need to, it's awesome.

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If you ever need a hand let me know. Fuck those commies.

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I think ive notice the biggest difference is that while reddit censors wrongthink voat will fight for your right to express your retarded opinion even if they dont like it for the most part. The only thing hated more than a gun hating atheist around here is a mod that bans people for the wrong opinion.

Youll get shat on for your opinion no doubt but as long as youre not being a cunt for beong a cunts sake you can almost always still come back and have a great conversation with that same niggerfaggot later on like nothings happened and thats fucking great.

I have shit ipinions sometimes but i fucking appreciate the fact that at least i can get them off my chest here without being banhammered except for a few notable fucking retarded exceptions.

Fuck even ive got 3 banhammers and ive never used them...

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I tried out not a bug again. I think you should lower the amount of "work" required for the "proof of work" voting. At this point it doesn't need to take so long and it's still very frustrating. I also don't like how it defaults to black background if you click on a subreddit or a link.

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I just reverted the black theme experiment.

You think even the work required on notabug.io currently is too much? Try refreshing again until you have white pages with 0.8.19-7 on the bottom.

I think you tried voting on an older cached version of the site you had; the site does not cache as aggressively anymore.

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Way way better. I'm going to start using it more. Nice work :]