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As an accomplished Laywer..

Admits he's a criminal. Tries to chastise others for being proud of their heritage.

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68% (((representation))) at Harvard Law. e. Grad school.

[–] BentAxel 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

The Jury is still out. Can't write worth a fuck.

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Source 15 year old keyboard warrior because only lawyers are accomplished professionals according to his Asian dad

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Projection is right, let's change a few words...

Imagine being such a pathetic, worthless piece of inbred kike trash that your only real accomplishment or thing you have to feel proud of is the accident of being born as a kike. As a kike, people like you are the most worthless, stupid, wastes of human life on the planet.

Now the comment makes way more sense.

I'm an accomplished lawyer who has WAY more to feel proud of than just my skin. :)

We know, you're a fucking shapeshifting kike.

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What do lawyers accomplish? Build, fix, or hell simply assemble?

9/10 They drain money from families and the productive to reward the calculating system exploiting sociopath.

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I'd like to doxx that lawyer, drive to his house, and cut his fucking head off with a fireaxe.

[–] lexsird 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

Too fast, use a spork.

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Not really, fire axes are not that sharp and new models have blunted almost flat edges to break through doors and walls.

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You forgot to say "legally and with due process in minecraft"

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You sir, are marriage material.

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And his foreskin.. oh wait, probably a jew

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European Heritage has so much to be proud of the angrier the hip hop lawyer got the more he projected. Just upset his skins the same color as an asshole. Gross creatures

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-thinking race is just about skin color.

They have clearly missed out on the depth of what race actually is.

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People just hurling ad hominem attacks at each other. Always makes for an eye-opening discussion.

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Did some digging on that username and in one post he says it's an alt. Only 30 comments on a new account.

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When you define yourself by your job.

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