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This is stealth advertising for a literal whore.

She doesnt look 19. Also 19 year olds do not dress up in expensive slutty dresses and rent hotel rooms, 19 year olds are broke. Why lie about it? To sucker in beta nerds to obsess and fawn over you so that when they pm you you can tell them about how to hire you, or if theyre too far away tell them about your camwhoring channel

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Yep, this.

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You don't even need to be subtle to advertise your prostitution on Reddit. There's lots of women who have subreddits devoted to them who are legitimate whores.

Reddit is a through fair for the sex industry and child trafficking and sex trafficking Etc but the moment you call them out on it they shut it down because the goyim know too much. Just take a look at the jailbait page. That page ran for years until somebody finally called them out and reddit shut it down.

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Knowledge from experience?

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19, lol. bitch looks older than me

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The cock carousel adds 10 years.

[–] kevdude 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

Mileage will do that to you.

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Agreed. And I’m 34.

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That's what partying and heavy drinking does to young girls.

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F29 would sound more plausible. And who starts giving up at 19. That is just about when the fun starts, like working full time, paying taxes, rent and such fun things.

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If you been riding cocks since you were 12 that's a lot stretch.

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i struggle to believe thats actually genuine at all.

i smell a catfish.

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"I feel insecure. Here's my titties!"

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19 yrs old. Already feeling the Wall approaching.

Been through 500 dicks by now, guaranteed.

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I think troll is more credible than the "soon to be hooker/camwhore" that is strongly implied in "her" posting history. I appreciate a good trolling effort as much as seeing the disintegration of humanity equally, so there's that though.

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Holy shit what the fuck did they do to reddit? That layout is so fucking stupid!

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Haha Yeah. I don't have an answer except maybe it was a 19 year old female working on the UI. It's a downgrade for sure.

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The site is now trying to be all social media.

Imgur basically turned themselves into Tumblr with a few more features.

Reddit peaked in 2014 and started the downward slop in 2015 with subs using auto banning scripts and censoring TD and then hijacking that sub's mod crew even. I actually appreciate the upgrades to the profile and that would have been cool ten years ago. But now its just more bloat to wade through to the few places I still visit on that site.

Its seriously blows my mind that Instagram is becoming the dominate social media platform.

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Pretty shit tier attention whore, her tits or genitals aren't even out. If you want attention show off your only worthwhile attributes. Otherwise, don't bother.

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Stuff like this is often soft advertising for "modeling" and cam whore type shit. Some of these are even ads for escort services

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Like the reddit catchphrase, "I'm feeling really shy today. Here's my butthole."

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