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Man, this is some Maury-level trashy shit slinging in an extremely public place and at a very vulnerable time for Reddit. I'm relishing it because I'm a plebeian who has come to hate what Reddit's become, but Yishan should be more concerned career and reputation before airing such dirty laundry.

I get that he wanted Ellen to succeed, but deriding kn0thing on Reddit isn't the way to promote his pro-Ellen narrative - talking directly to the tech media is. They're hungry for some pro-Ellen, anti-naysayers spin as it is and they've been running with the stupid sexism angle, when really Reddit's leadership is just incompetent all around.

The NYT writer who covered the founding of Twitter should start his next book on the fall of Reddit.


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Everything about this is being handled so unprofessionally and immaturely. I can't believe these people are in charge of anything.