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My hate is on almost everyone one at Reddit HQ besides for Yishan.

Alexis Ohanian, u/kn0thing , is just as big of an SJW asshat than Pao. Same with Hoffman, u/spez. And Ohanian thinks he's some god now, since he co-founded this site. He thinks he's the next Zuckerburg, which is fucking hilarious since he fucked up so badly that his website will be a wasteland in a year.

They all make me sick. I'm so done with that their dicky dictating dickness.


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That's triple dickness.


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dick 3


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What about the forth hole?


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That normally sounds super fun, but this case seems like quite the exception.


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Well Yishan did famously call out an employee he'd sacked in the sacked person's AMA which most people pointed out was a bad idea if you're a CEO. And then he quit fairly soon after - I like to think he worked out that being CEO of reddit was not very good for his mental health.

All the mods and admins seem to be unhappy, power tripping assholes (e.g. krispycrackers banning someone by mistake and then saying she did it because she was forced to move to SF without her husband), all the users seem to be far too ready to join a witch hunt too (e.g. for the Boston Bomber). If you remember the original justification for the 'safe space' policy was that most redditors would not recommend the site to a friend because of the toxic culture. And anyone who has used reddit knows exactly what they're talking about.

So it's not like changing CEOs is going to make the place usable.

If they ease up on the censorship the witch hunting, doxxing, swatting etc will get worse for users who will leave, unless they're the ones doing it. Also people will start outrageously offensive subreddits, the media will find out about them and banning them will cause drama just like banning FPH did.

If they increase the censorship the admins will be witch hunted, doxxed etc. And loads of people will get banned by accident and will leave.

Stick a fork in it, reddit is done - it'll go the way of Digg.


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In my eyes a call out is good, ceo or not.


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If you remember the original justification for the 'safe space' policy was that most redditors would not recommend the site to a friend because of the toxic culture. And anyone who has used reddit knows exactly what they're talking about.

Quite ironic since I would not recommend Reddit because of the toxic culture created by their admins, all brought to light just this month. Man..a month ago I was enjoying my time on Reddit. Now, Reddit is just depressing, especially knowing how terrible their employees are to people because modding power has gone to their heads. The favoritism and egos are just too big over there.


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Yup, Iama blew reddit up, conde nast bought reddit and the admins slowly began their descent into madness. Instead of making the site more accessible, and adding features for users (their bread and butter) they began censoring and attempting to protect their advertiser safe space. Think about it like this, amas used to be random and used to be an uncontrolled 1 on 1 interview with the internet through reddit. Then victoria showed up supposedly "guiding" celebs through the immense complexity of posting on the internet. Now that was already fishy to me but people LOVED it, they LOVED victoria and I let it be. Then they banned fph, and made announcements about harassment and hate speech, all the while ignoring any actual harassment on the site and solely focusing on fph. Once again, fairly interesting but I continued observing. Jesse Jacksons ama, another home run for the likes of scummy celebrities trying to get some free hype from a site "that isn't for self-promotion," get's nuked, just like countless amas before his. This time it hurt the admins and reddit itself, they saw their valuable ama sub beginning to turn on them and take away their ability to use reddit as a money maker. BOOM n0thing fires victoria (another convenient scapegoat) and begins constructing a new system around amas. Subs shut down in protest all over the place. The admins "apologize" kind of alongside Ellen, and some "cool" mod tool nobody gives a shit about are promised to appease the community. For some reason the community makes this Ellen's decision/fault and locks on to her. Meanwhile n0thing and the other bat shit horrible admins are left unscathed, until yishan shows up calling n0thing out on who really fired victoria and why.

See Reddit is a good example of a site with an identity crisis. Is reddit trying to be a user friendly social meda platform for sharing content and stories, or an ad and business friendly youtube ad under the guise of being a social media platform. I think it's pretty clear the admins want to cash in on the amas, and they want to do so by getting rid of all of the stuff advertisers wont like seeing.


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They had 10 years to build the site into something more and they failed. They moved so slow, the site is hardly better at all since it's inception. Look at facebook, it sucks, and fewer and fewer people are active on the site, and they are failing to reach international markets (both China and Korea have much more successful alternatives), but you can use your facebook account to log into almost any site on the web. This gives facebook a giant data mine to excavate, and data is money, and it enables them to be the login keys for online accounts (in the US). A very powerful position.

edited for clarity

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That weasel sold out to Conde Nast in 2006, long before Reddit became successful. Co-founder is about the only title he can rightfully say is his. Chairman? Just a figurehead that fucked things up when he started touching Reddit again.


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Just becasue you can make something, does not mean you can successfully run it. More internet "founders" need to realise this.