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Is 'Russian trolls' a left-wing meme, or are these people actually this dumb?

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I've talked with them. They legit believe that Russians are the only ones behind these movements. Plenty of them legit think the election was hacked by Russians.

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It's almost not their fault, given that the media constantly insinuates so. I say almost because they still trust the media, but many people are too busy living their lives to properly inform themselves. Which is tragic and almost counterproductive I think.

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True. I've had coworkers lament the rise of "anti-leftism" at the hands of "Russian Bots". They genuinely, and I mean legitimately, could not understand how someone would believe that closing our borders off and limiting who could come into our nation would be for everyone's benefit. A lot of it is because their in-group had been shifted to include literally the entire globe now, as long as they are also leftists or leftists "allies".

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@Diogenes_The_Cynic thinks all Trump supporters are Russians or Slavic-Americans working for the Russian government - so yeah, they really are this fucking retarded.

MUH REDS UNDER THE BED - except McCarthy was vindicated by the KGB's records. These guys have a muh Russia investigation that went on longer than Mueller's 9/11 investigation (yup, same guy tards), and has officially spent more money than that same 9/11 investigation - and all you've had from it are 13 indictments of Russians that had to be walked back, and zero evidence of collusion.

What do you expect from people so incompetent that they can't figure out which bathroom to use, or that a man in a dress isn't a woman?

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I have a friend who legit thought the election was actually hacked by Russians. Like the votes. Most people are just uninterested and go with whatever acceptable group think mantra they think they heard.

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Sure, its a meme in the classical since its a viral idea. "The Russians did it" a rather malicous, and well crafted idea designed to protect their cognitive dissonance. They seriously believe the potential for an outside agent to influence and subvert their thinking, without looking at who feeds them information on a daily basis. When someone finally a closer look at the hand that feeds them and tells the world that they dissent against their posion (This is #walkaway), they are smeared, outcasted, and discredited. Its no different to how a cult or a religion operates. Never once do these people challege themselfs or their beliefs.

Of course, this has a huge implication: everyone should be thinking like them. Which is what they admit should be happening, but thanks to the Russians apparently working 24/7 to convince people to keep supporting Donald Trump.

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Imagine thinking that "Russian Trolls" are a thing

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I mean they are, but so are American, british, European, Chinese, etc.

I'm pretty sure troll doesn't mean what they think it means

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Sure, foreign propogandists have pretty much always been a thing.

The left just overblow it into this boogeyman for Trump Derangement Syndrome to fall back on.

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Great. Just what we need. More noobs posting imgur links.

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People who post imgur should be gassed. People who shitpost should be gassed. People that use anon post should be gassed. SBBH should be gassed. SDBH should be gassed. WE JUST NEED TO GAS EVERYBODY UP IN HERE! GAS THEM ALL!

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It'd be nice if you switched with them and went to Reddit. @derram made a bot so you'd stop crying, yet here you are, still complaining. People make choices, and you don't always get to tell them how to make those choices or influence them. It's part of why we all like Voat so much.

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Right, must be why there are so many #WalkAway videos being posted to YouTube by so many different people.

Russian trolls.

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That meme is stupid. Why are all their memes stupid?

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This person wanted to feel smart and smug, and wanted others to give approval.

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Because they aren't creative

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A good meme highlights an obvious truth. Since SJWs Always Lie, their memes aren’t effective.

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Muh russians

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All children need a boogeyman.

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I’m sure it’s laced in bullshit, but what could they possibly be referencing as evidence to have the logic of calling it a transparent scam?

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I was reading up on it on another post. Bear with me, Salon tells people it's completely fake, Russian-made, because the Huffington Post reports that some supposedly bipartisan watchdog group says "#walkaway" is the third-most pushed hashtag by the Kremlin.

Which is poop, if North Korea started used dummy accounts to promote "#metoo", would they claim it was also fake and astroturfing? Of course not.

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