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Fucking moron. Blacks aren't people.

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If scientists were allowed to properly classify them I would venture a guess they would be called homo-africaans.

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I actually studied this in evolution while in college. Modern evidence suggests blacks and whites separated approximately 100,000 years ago. Genetically, we are different enough that it's trivial to determine the differences based solely on an individual's genome. We are also divergent enough to the point where we are debatably separate subspecies (I would argue that we are). Interestingly, blacks are a special case because if I remember correctly, whites and Asians diverged only about 20,000 years ago. This explains how white and Asian people are able to build fully functional modern societies, while blacks have remained tribal throughout human history.

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Homey Dindunuffin Africanus

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Emphasis on the homo part... there is a reason bruthas always say no-homo.

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No need to kill anyone, there are plenty of countries with only black people in them. Heck, there's an entire continent of them! Why not move there?

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It's hard living in your own filth.

It's their culture! If it wasn't for oppressive white sanitation, plumbing, healthcare and expectations of basic hygiene they would be free to express themselves here, too. I've been informed by reliable sources that all cultures are equally beautiful (except white ones) so who are you to judge.

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We need their land. They aren't using their resources anyway. Day of the Rope the whole continent.

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It’s time for the age of colonization to return again.

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Take over Liberia and invade surrounding areas and offer black Americans a home there.

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Re-brand it as Wakanda. Put up some papier mache Sci-Fi looking shit.

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Why should niggers get a continent and all its resources, natural wonders and land? What have niggers done to deserve Africa besides breed so virulently nothing nature threw at them managed to wipe them out? Why are you siding with niggers and not Mother Nature?

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The chinks are just gonna nab it anyway. And they think they had it bad under whitey.

Maybe take all that MK Ultra brain-wiping tech and create a baseline population with no memory of the western world and it's technological wonders. Put them in reserves that match their developmental and cultural limits. Maintain food animal levels that allow for no more than replacement level breeding. Use sonic canons to stop them drifting off their allotted reservations. Set up cameras everywhere for the anthropologists and scientists to observe them. The rest of Africa is ours.

If it's successful. Let other ethnicities who want to back-slide into some retarded idyll of the before-times do the same thing. As we advance further off-planet, Earth can be reverted to a (recreated) "unspoiled" human wildlife park. Complete with spooky supernatural places where even the bravest olde worlde heroes dare not venture for fear of meeting dragons (automated security and containment systems).

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Wait, it wasn't the other way around? People downvoted the anti-white comment on Reddit? Wow.

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its still gathering downvotes lol

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Seriously, what sub is it on?

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Because it's a blatant troll, and no one wants to read it.

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Pigs must be flying

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I didn't see any watermelon?

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Ok, that's it. I'm done with the Internet for today. I've seen the best it can offer.

Congratulations @Cesarkid1. I hope you enjoy your trophy.

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This was more likely written by a Jewish man than anything. Or worse, somebody trying to manipulate us into hatred without truly knowing who is saying those things. Do not be so easily manipulated, voat.

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This nigger would die on day two of a global race war. Look at how sensitive he is when people downgoat him.

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This isn't significant. This is r/The_Donald style shit, "blacks can be racist too guys!" and then nothing.

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