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full fucking retards

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They're not real people and certainly not real US voters. I don't get why anyone from voat or even reddit's conservative subs engages with /r/politics there's nothing to gain.

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That is what I am saying. I am not sure who is downvoting you on this. It is clear it is full of shills over there.

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It ain't even shills, it's fucking computers talking to each other, some of which have meat on 'em. "It's life, Jim, but not at as we know it"; and it sure as shit isn't human.

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It was a fun place to visit after the election.

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Most of the real people have bailed from /r/politics all that is left is bots and shills who have not come to this conclusion.

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Very true. More often than not it’s some foreigner posting

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So cogent! I am thoroughly convinced!

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No you're not

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Shut him down.

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no it’s not!


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Just give people full rights / autonomy. Why is allowing abortions and allowing gun ownership the most controversial position to have? Idiots just fall in line with these arbitrary partisan sides without thinking.

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What if a child asks me to molest them? Can I do the Mountain Dew to his super tight hair free anus?

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How do you define "hurting others"? Does hurting society count as hurting others? If not, why?

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The only argument 99% of pro-lifers make is that the baby is a person, therefore you can't murder it. That's the crux. Generally people should have full autonomy, but killing a child is forcing your beliefs on another human and harming it in the process.

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It's the only argument needed.

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I'm suspicious that people don't really care what other people do until they're told that they should.

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Social points vs. humanity points.

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I like both.. keeps the unwanted babies from growing up in bad homes and becoming criminals. But I still like the option to shoot them..

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I guess we should just legalize murder, and rape, and theft, and arson.....

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You have a point. Banning guns will not get entirely rid of them but lower the amount of weapons over time. Just like outlawing theft doesn't get rid of all theft but reduces it. Granted weapons themselves are just a tool but that's a different discussion.

But then the same argument can be made against this argument in favor of legalizing abortion. Yes, there'll always be women getting illegal abortions in a shady alley, but the overall amount of abortions will go down.

I guess we should just make abortions illegal similar to theft and rape.

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Banning guns ensures that almost every man can overpower almost every woman, and that the top 10% of men can overpower the bottom 90%.

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You fucking morons ... banning guns is about as stupid as letting a wolf live in your chicken house.

The 2nd Amendment isn't to make criminals fear you, it's to make the government fear you.

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Banning guns will not get entirely rid of them but lower the amount of weapons over time

This is only true for law abiding citizens. A criminal will always find a way to manufacture or steal a weapon. This means defenseless citizens at the mercy of a 9 minute police response time while criminals get free reign. A criminal doesn’t fear much but he should at least fear his victim.

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We should neuter women who have abortions. It’s for their own good. One ghost baby haunting you your entire life is more than enough.

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Belgium(or was it finland?) already did that. Basically a law they passed said rape is not illegal if you come from a culture where that is deemed normal.

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haha Israeli's

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Fucking libshits of all people should know, as they were/ are getting drugs that are banned on regular bases.

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Banned from /politic so long ago.. /Honor badge

Bots and shills. Managed by cannibals.

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