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Many social media sites will ban users who say things that are not part of the left wing liberal ideology.It's been like this for years, but this year has arguably been the worst when it comes to cnesorong free speech. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit are all worthless garbage at this point.

It has to do with the left wing ideology. There are very few places on Voat where it's easy to get banned except for liberal subverses. I've been banned from all of them for just asking questions.

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Voat, Gab, & Minds are the only active sites that are censorship free.

For media we have PewTube & BitChute.

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We have subs here fill of Reddit refugees who still ban people for saying things they don't like. FPH was one of the first waves of them.

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Voat isnt 100% censorship free though

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What is Minds?

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YouTube comment sections are full of kike awareness. I'm surprised they let that fly. It's kinda weird.

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Reddit peaked in 2015.

The site is being propped up by bots and scripts.

It was only around 500 people total that were posting the bulk of the original content. Including several people and even artists who were creating original content specifically for Reddit.

Reddit chased those people away and now the auto ban scripts they use are strangling the site even more. Because the same group of liberal nut jobs that chased many creators off now don't want right wingers, drumph supporters, and generally "problematic" people posting in their subs.

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Liberals are enemies of free speech. It’s become very clear now. It’s a shame we’re gonna die and the next generation will have to relearn these lessons

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Well at least now we have tons of videos of them being the authoritarian nut jobs we always knew they were.

Which is part of the reason they're trying to control and censor YouTube.

Kevin Rose who founded Digg, the first linking social media network warned everyone that once these sites reach a certain size they cannot be controlled.

The ass holes running Reddit seem to have forgotten the lessons from Digg.

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No no dont talk like that please. A node blinks differently and it can change the nodes surrounding it. What if wasnt as bleak as you paint it.

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You're off by about 10 years.

It's been taken from a site where you go to get real in-depth news, conversation, and explanations from experts on literally any topic to junior high lunch table prattle. Those with an eye to see have bemoaned the slow collapse nearly from the beginning.

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Late to the party, but some of us have bemoaned the collapse of social media since Usenet, which was arguably the purest form of social media (and back when you had to be fairly smart to even get online).

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Maybe in numbers, but Reddit started to go down hill when SRS started getting it's tendrils into every sub. That was around 2013 I think? Then gamer gate happened and they took direct control.

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That's also roughly the time Reddit announced they were moving their corporate headquarters to San Francisco. That's when I knew the entire company was fucked because the top level was more concerned about being cool than being a good & profitable company.

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They don't want anyone to post, except companies pluging their shit.

You are supposed to consum and not have fun, what do you think this is some kind of forum?!

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The GunsAreCool sub was created to be anti-gun if I remember correctly. It was on purpose as a sarcastic name for the sub. So finding that it is anti-gun is like finding free speech on voat.

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Even actual Redditors hate the new design. I can go there via mobile website, it just loads a blank white screen, I have to use the desktop version when on my phone to get it to work. Terrible coding. Then when I try to go back to old Reddit, it wants me to download their fucking app. What a joke.

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It looks like they're trying to compete with Facebook & Instagram at the same time.

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For real. Like who the fuck asked for any of this? All of Reddit seems to hate it. And no doubt come a few months from now they’ll be forcing everyone to use it.

But hey, if that’s what kills Reddit, so be it.

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Terrible coding

Bu bu but that cant be, their coding becam better after hiring diverse wymynz, why? because wymynz.

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Also, it logs outgoing calls, so it tracks EVERYTHING you type on other sites through redirection. Fuck that

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Reddit uses a "redirect" loop, so when visiting a size x.y.z, you're actually visiting reddit.com/redirect=x.y.z, or something akin to that. So everything you type, everything you see, and everything you do is tracked by reddit, beyond the scope of the reddit site

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Reddit is nothing but failed social engineering attempts at this point.

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Aaron Swartz's zombie face when he sees how the commis gulaged his child.

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This is the libtards last stand before mueller starts prosecuting their friends.

I guarantee a few days before the upcoming elections reddit will ban any remotely pro trump account and make sure only pro democrat posts can be made.

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So voat servers will be fucked again?

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Yeah. Basically voat will get filled with tards for a few days until we scare them off.

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We should send lefties to Muslim countries so they can get lots of diversity

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Have you been to /v/gunsarecool? It's no different.

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Brought to you by VOAT's own leftwing nigger, @henrycorp.

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