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Yep. Gonna take a year or so for a challenge to bubble up, but Roe v Wade is dead. We're regressing back to the 50s and back-alley abortions will come back. A generation of unwanted babies will be born to mothers who cannot care for them, and with Republican policies gutting any kind of assistance programs will destine an entire generation to poverty. Republicans will gleefully point to them as lazy people with poor morals and use that to justify keeping the underclass down. Today is a very, very dark day.

I wonder if it's tiring, being that retarded all the time.

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What's more astonishing is when you point out that states can create their own fucking abortion laws. This isn't just stupid, it's advanced stupid, and I'm afraid it's terminal

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Yeah, it's really staggering to realize that people actually believe this. Just incredible. These people legitimately believe that the sky is falling.

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I'll say it once more- you assholes wanted to attack anyone wearing a MAGA hat and protest freedom of speech at universities we all pay for? You want to blame the world's problems on people that had nothing to do with it?

Fuck you. This is what you get. We don't blow up like crybabies. We install right wing judges that will blow your shit out of the water FOR THE REST OF YOUR FUCKING LIFE

Eat a hot bowl of dogshit. This is what you got

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So. Much. Retardation.

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I have found that with liberals, it really is all or nothing. If you try to discuss issues aside from the politics (Example, pros and cons of tarrifs on a macro scale), liberals simply can not keep up. They have been told to hate these concepts, but never told why. The result is that these fucks hate tarrifs, hate guns, hate conservatives, but they have no fucking clue why. It's both scary and sad. Especially when these fuck heads tout that what they believe is from their own thoughts, when in fact they are merely parroting the same rehashed crap I heard from 50 other people. I would rather speak to a racist or an outcast. These people may be "shocking" and "controversial" to the left, but I find unfiltered comentary more sincere than fake teleprompter speak. It's like by banning and censoring and creating sheep, the left is in a way creating a new class of people who champion for the exact opposite.

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Because liberals - especially liberals under 35 - spent 12 years in public school being taught that pregnancy is the worst possible consequence of sex.

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Because he is a faggot.

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But then I won't be able to kill babies.... REEEEE!

These animals need put down. For their own good as much as for ours.

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Please Mr Trump, I can't take this much winning.

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There are more and more of the "the sky is falling" people getting proven right every fucking day with this fucking admin.

Yep. Economy is shit. Crime is through the roof. War is escalating. Unemployment is skyrocketing!

^ After that initial panic subsides, we might fuck around and look at the facts.

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God they're all so miserable and dramatic. What a draining existence that must be.

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