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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.


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The commenta on reddit are telling. Even far lefties are like ya. 37 genders is silly but your all haters! No defenders there. ... on reddit!

This is such a lose issue for them. I think we underestimate how repulsive it is to everyone to the right of antifa. We dont think 37 genders isn't much dumber then their other shit.

But I'm seeing fairly far lefties mocking saying things like " oh well guess I'm part bigot now!."

If you wanted to larp to damage progressivism. Larp as a really obnoxious gender fluid who chastised other lefties for being fascists and bigots for even slightest comment would pay gold.

Millenials got hit hard during Obama economy. Still stupid enough to blame Bush for housing crisis. But now bv this Trump economy, his pro labor attitude, his anti give the farm away trade talk plus the toxic progressive gender shit...

A generational shift is happening here and building unlike anything since the 60s. Gem Z are new boomers.

We need to write a few possible foundation stories. When time comes we need them ready. To change ten million minds at once Is with a single picture story of history.