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There was nothing in there controversial, mean, or even inflammatory/controversial.

There was nice, calm discussion about race and culture, which is pretty rare on reddit. People being honest, open, and talking through their points without devolving into a "hallway sex" affair. (Yelling 'Fuck You' at each other from opposite ends of a hallway.)

What a shithole place.

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If it doesn't portray blacks as victims, then it doesn't belong in offmychest. They'll ban you just for posting in the_donald.

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So, the sub dedicated to saying something that you have been holding in bans you for .... saying something you have been holding in.

Got it. reddit in a nutshell.

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So what would be done if it was a migrant Somalian, the post probably wouldnt have been deleted would it?

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That subreddit is run by some of the most racist group of fat black cows on Reddit. If there is anything on there that doesn't support the we wuz kangz theory it is gone and you are banned.

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Most relevant comment of that entire thread:

Modern day liberals. It doesn't suit me, so I will ignore it. You are human trash.

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While at the same time claiming to be humanitarians and lovers of all people

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Ancient Egyptians werent black or white. get over it people.

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I always found this argument laughable. As a white lover of all things ancient Egyptian I always knew Egyptians weren't black or white. Anyone with eyes that function can't argue that after viewing Egypts ancient art. The most ridiculous argument ever, we was kangz!! Umm not the fck you black/white mofos weren't

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DNA tests on the mummies last summer showed White European and Turkish DNA only

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I don't know why people even debate if they were black or white when you can look at the Copts. They're the decedents of the Ancient Egyptians from before the Arab invasions. Just like there were Indians in America before Europeans showed up.

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I get second hand embarrassment when i see non egyptian people claiming egyptian history.

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But you don't understand. My need to virtue signal is more important than your entire country's history, racist.

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Egypt has been around 5000 years. Its has been ruled by Europeans, arabs, blacks, and mutts.

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DNA tests last summer on royal mummies showed White European and Turkish DNA only

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Anyone with functioning eyes can see that, based on the ancient drawings ,that they dont look turkish or european. Come on. They clearly seperated themselves from people with pale skin and black skin. Why did they represent themselves as having copper-like skin? And correct me if im wrong but arent modern copts descendents of ancient egyptians? but feel free to send me links to the studies though.

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Can't upset the blacks or they might (absolutely will) call you racist.

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Archive of archive of an archive, for archival purposes.

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Thank you, the page wasn't working for me.

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The Streisand Effect will save the world.

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Fair's fair, the Arabs stole it from the Greeks and the Greeks stole it from the Egyptians.

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Ancient Egyptions are pretty much like the Native Americans, they have absolutely been diluted by insane amounts of people coming in and taking over.

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But at least Egyptians accomplished something in their time alone, before foreigners came. American indians are human garbage and have an average IQ that rivals that of somalians. They are a waste of life

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Behold the egyptian nazi !

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