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Why do you suppose they come to the US? Have you seen before and after pictures of Syria, for example? Maybe they would stay in their home country if we stopped bombing the shit out of them.

We steal the natural resources from the people in Central and South America, and Africa. We do not want them to be developed. This is US foreign policy.


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You're not entirely wrong, only partly.

The problem is that when you have a party that is dependant on handouts to buy votes, you need to do something to make sure you can sustain it. Otherwise the country will collapse because who wants to buy money from a country that's 20T in debt? By invading first Iraq, then Libya, then finally Syria. The US was able to maintain it's hold on the petro dollar: you better use USD to buy oil because of you don't you'll end up just like Iraq.

Immigrants go to the US because they know they can sit around doing nothing and get paid more than for a full time job back home. And all they need to do is keep voting for the party that gives them more free shit. The US parties like this because paying people for votes is a lot easier than actually putting in effect good policy (that may be unpopular), and when people are on the receiving end of handouts, they're more likely to overlook dirty deals in government that make politicians very rich (selling half of America's uranium supply to Russia).

As for stealing natural resources being the reason for poverty in SA and Africa, well you're wrong, as shown in OPs link: most people are poor because they are dumb or stupid. Africa is the way it is because they and their leadership are stupid. Banana republics, socialism, tribalism, racism, superstition, unsustainable birthrates does not a rich country make.


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These are the types of responses I hope to receive. Are you familiar with Allen Dulles and the bannana war?

Also, the reason Venezuela fell apart is because the international bankers want to control their oil. The Venezuelians refused, so now they are suffering from rampant inflation. The same happened to Germany after WW1.


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We steal the natural resources

its not stealing when the sovereign government gives us a contract to mine it out.


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The "sovereign government" that we own and control. We install dictators to ensure we get the sweet contract.


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When you say before and after, are you saying before 1920? and now after 2008? There's been a shit ton of fighting going on in Syria and it could have been easily avoidable.


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I was thinking about the more recent pictures of Syria before and after the most conflict.

Like this:


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Chomsky is one. Do you want more? I can also be more specific about my sources if need be, but Chomsky and others wrote extensively about this issue.

One easy read is about Allen Dulles and the banana wars.

To all you downvoters, I am too against illegal immigration, but the cause of it is our own government. If you were born in a poor country and had a family to feed, what would you do? Let them starve?