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It would be nice, but she was getting paid for her job. She's also built up enough contacts in the industry, that she can land a comfy PR position somewhere. If she went to Voat, it would be unpaid and, I'm just guessing here with no evidence, might be against her employment contract with Reddit. Most tech firms have non compete clauses in their contracts...and we know that Reddit is run by a person who is not only vindictive, but willing to sue.

That said, the mods of of IAMA would be welcome here with open arms.


[–] go1dfish 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I wasn't saying VOAT should hire her. As karmanaut says she cares about what she does enough that she was willing to do it even after they canned her (for at least a day)

Even if she just said hi it would be huge and help trigger the great flood.


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I'm guessing that the flood is currently in progress.