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Yikes. Confirmed.

Interestingly: (safe) (unsafe)

I think the main difference is that /r/newcountryproject does not show ads and /r/anarcho_capitalism does, so I think that's what the flag may control.

Edit: Checking around more, /r/potato and /r/teran are not brand_safe. As is (Thank goodness)

I think only subreddits of a certain size have the chance of being brand_safe. But what's most interesting to me is not that the small subreddits don't have it, but that certain big subreddits don't have it. Reddit isn't making money off of /r/The_Donald directly because of how they have this setup.

Okay, that isn't even true. There's the graphical ad box on the right which is shown if brand_safe is true. There's the normal Reddit ads on all, so they are making something.


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Ads typically have options, demographical challenges. Such as: advertise to 18+ or advertise firearms, etc. this would suggest that you could advertise guns/equip on the un_safe without showing the safe spaces.