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More proof that Reddit is owned and operated by corporate media.


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To be fair, Reddit itself is a corporation and the goal of corporations is to make money. Voat will inevitably become a corporation after a fashion and it's also likely the owner will inevitably sell. These are just things that happen with enough time and popularity.

Never forget that content aggregates require their users to be their product. The only time this will not be true is if users donate sufficiently and the owner is not a capitalist-minded person interested in entering millionaire-wealth. I myself would be more than ecstatic were my measly income only doubled - but I never expect anyone to abide by the same dreams of mediocrity in income.

Therefore the most important thing is to just always remain skeptical and observant of conditions as they develop. One can argue against them, but excluding rule of law there's not much else to do but pick up and move. Movement is the only ideal way to ensure a capitalist system can function in the confines of what we desire. Namely, an attempted free format for discourse and media evaluation without using us as products to be sold.


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the goal of corporations is to make money

You know what? I abjectly refuse this claim. The purpose of any business is to provide a good or service. If (and only if) they do this well they should be rewarded with profit. Allowing humanity's main goal to be ensuring corporate and investor profits is EXACTLY what has gotten us into this entire TPP quagmire.


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This is the new normal. Once upon a time certain 'net startups could be trusted to be proponents of users' free speech, and taking a high-profile public stance was laudable and would reward the company with exponential growth. Now it's a race to the bottom to shape speech into something that helps sell ads.

Eventually, we'll probably move on from voat when it enters its most capitalistic phase of maximizing shareholder value.


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Absolute power corrupts absolutely, the reason I abandoned reddit


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Check out or to see that a popular website does not"have to"become a greedy corporation.


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Corporate media backed by so-called "safe space" movement.

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I believe the upvoting of jokes is one of the primary failings of this format. Do you really feel as though your joke, even if humorous, contributed to discussion in some fashion?


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Please keep your shitty pun threads on reddit.


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And this is why Chairmen Pao was appointed CEO. Look back on it. Do you really think they were going to give reddit an Aaaron Swartz type of CEO? Or someone dirty, and unbounded by ethics?

Reddit is not a directly profitable business. They are basically a digital age newspaper. Controlling that is an indirect means to making a lot of money (or saving a lot of money by swaying public opinion). There is a huge market in public opinion shaping. Most of the money made off of reddit isn't even paid to reddit, it's paid to marketers who promote on reddit (and who use websites like