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A transcript of my conversation with the admin can be found on /r/museumdiscuss.

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Just because it is more than pornography doesn't mean it isn't pornography. How can you argue this is safe for work? (Obvious NSFW warning)


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Normally I'm against the reddit admins but I agree with them here. I took a look at your subreddit and some of the posts definitely do need the NSFW tag. Your argument of "museums don't do it" isn't valid because people don't go to museums in a work environment. In this case, people can get in trouble for viewing NSFW images if they're at work or school. The whole point of the NSFW tag is to prevent that.

The admins aren't forcing you to tag all posts as NSFW, only ones that actually are NSFW. So making it an 18+ sub to mark everything NSFW is dumb imo.

Since Voat has NSFW tags too, the same would likely be the case here.