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Yeah but we all know that won't happen, they aren't going to lay out specifics for what kind of stuff will be deleted, they're just going to keep shadowbanning and getting rid of stuff that they don't like, doesn't matter if you don't like it or not, but if they don't like it, it's going away. Would've helped if they started this purge all at once instead of just doing five subreddits and then hiding behind their desks with fingers in their ears going "We can't hear you, everything is going as planned." If they laid out specific rules for what would be deleted, then they would have to get rid of thousands of subreddits and the only ones left would be plain as hell and super generic with the creepy vibe of "everything's fine here, come join us, we're all happy over here."

Making fun of fat people? You're the worst and you need to go. Beating women, raping women, having sex with dogs, and racism? Come on in, those subreddits survived the initial purge because they weren't as offensive as those other filthy subreddits.

Also the PR about this whole stunt has been so poorly handled, they just posted what they were going to do and then closed off all ways of communicating to their user base other than banning and deleting stuff without saying anything. You know, like if they hide long enough it will all just go away like a bad dream.