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I'm about as anti-racist as it get. Tag me for it if you want. But I think that that subreddit shouldn't be banned. Here's why.

If you leave people's ideas without a home, those ideas will fester. Racist subreddits give people, people with real beliefs, a place to discuss their thoughts, and, more importantly, a place where they can be seen in the open by people who think differently. Racism is wrong and untenable for numerous reasons. If people who are racist don't have a place where they can feel free to be themselves, though, as well as a place where they can have their ideas be seen and confronted, they will end up in a racist echo-chamber where they will in fact become more racist.

Bad ideas cannot be combatted by banning them. They can only be combatted by strongers ideas. Reddit was a place where racists and anti-racists could hash it out. Now we're going to have two different echo-chambers. Does Reddit really think that will make the racists go away?


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I don't think you'll get much flak, if any for your opinion. Most of us came over here when the admins began banning subreddits because we support free speech, even if you're using it to be an asshole.

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That's fine even if I do. I didn't come here to not catch flak. I came here to have authentic, no holds barred discussions. Is is weird that I think talking to people on a computer can't actually hurt me? In fact, I think it makes me better. I'm secure enough in my beliefs that I'd rather they go through a flame war every once and a while. It lets me know they're still solid.


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| Does Reddit really think that will make the racists go away?

Too many people thing that banning something will make it go away forever. Too bad that has never worked in the history of ever.


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I see what you are saying, but I think a racist sub should be banned. The thing about race is that one cannot choose to be the race they were bred to be, weight on the other hand, is a choice (for the most part). The shaming of fat people is an effort to get people off their asses and realize they can change--just like what happened in the 90s with smoking. If anything racism is a bad trait that should be shamed away like obesity--it serves no good and changes how people think of you.


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Then tell people that. We're anonymous people. On the internet. Go the fuck in there and tell people why you think race should not be something that they should judge people on. But if you ban them, all they are going to do is be a group of racists who never hear a different opinion, debating their ideas in bar-rooms and hidden places, rolling in and passing on their hate while never hearing anyone tell them any reason why they should think differently.