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To be honest. I don't like either coontown of FPH. I've banned FPH on this site because I don't want to see it. I don't want to censor other peoples opinions though, so in my opinion you should be free to say what you want, no matter how offensive it is.

I draw the line at harassment, so if you call someone a fat bitch or a nigger to their faces you're obviously doing something wrong, but you shouldn't necessarily be punished for it.

I also don't condone using other peoples pictures to make fun of them like FPH does. There may be a gray area if the people on the pictures published them to the net for public viewing, but as I understand it FPH takes their own picture, and I don't think they should do that. We got to have some basic rules of conduct in a society to avoid anarchy.


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You're pretty close to my point of view. Not quite, however.

I don't like many of those subs. However, I think they should remain. I have enough off-the-wall opinions of my own to know that I should not be a hypocrite and demand that others' opinions be shut down, regardless of how vile I consider them to be.

However, unlike you, I do not have a line to draw. Or rather, I would have a line to draw, but I know myself too well. I know that any such line would shift over time, and as such I try to shrug off my personal qualms and not draw a line in the first place.