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Thanks for being honest and including the subs that were going up.


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I find it somewhat unsurprising that the subreddits that had increasing traffic were all about looking at cool things. /r/aww, /r/mildyinteresting, /r/television, /r/earthporn.

It seems apparent that soon all that will remain of reddit will be people who are there to mindlessly consume pretty content. Anywhere where discussion is expected is dying.


[–] obvious-throwaway-- 1 points 71 points (+72|-1) ago 

Posting on reddit is painful. Every subreddit has 500 fucking rules they expect you to read, right after you read the 100 site wide rules. Then, even if you follow all the rules, you have to be careful not to trigger anyone because you said something that made them feel uncomfortable or, heaven forbid, think for themselves. Then you have the people that follow you around and downvote everything you say because you posted to a subreddit that they don't like. Never mind all the subreddits you are automatically banned from because you posted in a subreddit that someone else doesn't like. Even after all that, if u/spez doesn't decide to edit your thoughts for you, you might be shadowbanned because reddit admins are to big of pussies to just tell someone that they aren't allowed to post in their "safe zone", but they let you keep posting even though nobody can see it, possibly the biggest dick move ever when it comes to web forms.

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Entirely "passive" subs for the most part. It's the same stuff you see on any site that generalizes it's content between images and a bit of chat about what the latest popular thing on TV is.

And it makes sense, because the bosses want Reddit to be this site full of "inoffensive" mainstream content. This is what that looks like.

From the "front page of the internet" to time-wasting filler material. Good work, geniuses.


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r/television somehow managed to be a tiny, dead sub, like 10.000 users and days with 0 posts, till some powermods got it added to defaults like two years ago, probably less.


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lol pinterest demographic is on the up & up


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Is pinterest any good? I've always associated it with middle aged housewives.