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Still haven't killed yourself? You're useless to this world. You'd do it a favor. Drink the stuff under your mother's sink.

I know you're a NEET living at home with mommy and daddy. This is the only way you'd have time to do this.

Kill yourself nigger


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Testimonials about eagleshigh

ChuckeyChimpOut sums it up nicely.

I dont know if hes a Jew but he is a fucking nitwit and hes the sole reason I hardly ever come here. He gives racists a bad name. I would be happy to see him fuck right off...

Rapid_Dave sums it up nicely.

Hahahah, wow. Didn't realize he was a self-proclaimed Christian, given the constant racism and anti-Semitism.

ObeastsareDisgusting sums it up nicely.

So all blacks are niggers and less than human regardless of behavior or IQ? If blacks had an average IQ of 9999999 and could build interdimensional portals out of boom boxes would they still be subhumans? What the fuck kind of insane shit is this? All blacks are subhuman regardless of intelligence, invisible men in the sky are real, the law of thermodynamics doesn't apply to fat people and he has credible sources to back up all these claims?

watitdew sums it up nicely.

Believe me a lot of us racists are sick of his shit too. He makes us all look dumb.

Bojangles sums it up nicely.

like, you're just the lowest human being I've ever encountered

Antiracist sums it up nicely.

You're an idiot. Your worldview is riddled with contradictions. You're a terrible Catholic. You're a terrible person. You're going to Hell. You are a coward who runs every time he is confronted with contradiction. You are hateful. You are a biased, trained racist. You are only interested in causing racial strife, and you are not interested in spreading Catholicism. You are a shitty and a terrible person.

TipsyGypsy sums it up nicely.

I sincerely and irrevocably think eagles is the biggest morons I've ever met. He's opinionated on genetics nonetheless

poptart sums it up nicely

You are an idiot, because you're a fucking idiot. Your opinion is just the reflection of that fact, that you are an idiot

WhiteSoIMustBeRacist sums it up nicely

Holy fucking shit the IQ of this forum has to be about 85. ... How fucking stupid are you? ... What the fuck is that even supposed to mean? This is the type of shit a Freshman in high school would write. And the teacher would mark it and say "... This means nothing."

The shit that I see posted on here looks like it's all written by people with the education of a high school graduate most of the time.

Truth hurts, but you're right. In fact, what happened doesn't even support the claim made by the article. It isn't even good bad science. The conclusion is completely unsubstantiated. It only demonstrates that people hate ... a lot ... Go figure.

Seeing shit like this on here, and voted up, reminds me how a substantial portion of /v/niggers are about as dumb as the people they revile.

[deleted] sums it up nicely

Of course he's also a nazi. I've updated my post with a secton by section criticism. Really, I'm left with is a sense of disgust. This person is SO.FUCKING.DUMB yet he is convinced of his genetic superiority. This isn't a case of philosophy, this is a case for the psychiatrist.


Amazing, really. How much energy this person spends just to scream into the internet about how much he hates other people.

Eagleshigh attempts to defend himself with

I have provided more than enough evidence to begin the assertion that blacks should be repatriated

to which [deleted] replies, and this sums up eagleshigh nicely:

YOU HAVE LITERALLY DONE NO SUCH THING, ALL YOU'VE DONE IS MAKE 3-4 WEAK, LOGICALLY INCONSISTENT, COMPLETELY UNSCIENTIFIC CLAIMS!!! There is a reason people don't argue with you: You are already lost. I've just spent an hour on this post and all I have to say is: IS THIS IT? I'm sorry my criticisms aren't as detailed ase they should be for a political statement but there is absolutely no substance here. You've claimed the biological inferiority of black people, going against scientific consensus. You've claimed African-Americans should be sent "back", but where is "back"? You've claimed this mass deportation would be the best for all involved but how can you even say that? The economic disaster this would cause is enough to refute that claim alone. You've spent about 2000 words crying about people criticizing the trans-atlantic slavetrade without even trying to understand what made it special or why it's relevant to us today. What this boils down to is the worldview of an anti-intellectual: Prejudices, lack of knowledge (portraying Africa as one monolithic block), pseudoscience, a giant victim complex etc. This post made absolutely no argument for anything, you simply made appeals to "common sense" which aren't at all common. You made factual statements which are empirically false. This post didn't tell me anything new about the world but it told me so much about you. After going through all these statements, all I'm left with is a deep feeling of disgust. That's all there is to it.