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/v/SoapDoxBanHammer is SRS on here. They have authoritarian left (SJWs) running SRS on Reddit and libertarian left running SRS here. (Meanwhile, /v/ProtectVoat is pretending to stand guard against their hegemony but are all libertarian or authoritarian left and find themselves siding with SRS.) Then to maintain power, they've had Reddit oppress enough people that even the sheep and libertarian left are leaving Reddit, and school is out for the summer, so there are enough stupid new people that even if you say SDBH is SRS nobody knows what you're talking about and they blindly pile onto SDBH's downvotes. Even if you go on GLP, ATS, ConspiracyClub, etc. there is no way to escape a group of users controlling the message. On Voat and the conspiracy-minded discussion places (any place with too much freedom), they tend to have a lot of racist shills spamming meaningless racist profanity, so that people arriving are repulsed and think conspiracy people are all racist. (Notice MightyYetGentle and myself are both listed on the SDBH-run /v/ShitProtectVoatSays target list. I got a "warning shot" of 300 CCP drained, but he got drained to negative and run off the site, mainly for exposing /r/The_Donald is controlled by SRS and trying to take over a sub that SRS was spamming to make the case they need control of it). (Soviet spies used to use this tactic, it's called leapfrogging) (SRS user pretending /v/dice is a legitimate community because Atko (who gives free promotion to all SRS communities) promoted it) (Smokeratz being brigaded for calling attention to this post) (in reference to (They created the secret "site-wide ban" just to remove the second commenter's (GOT's) account, then downvoted Amalek when he gave /v/ProtectVoat proof there was a secret site-wide ban.)

I've stopped trying to inform people because literally nobody here cares. It's a right safe space just like Reddit is a left safe space. They're not going to risk national security to let us have an unsafe space anywhere on the internet unless it's private, so only if you shut off downvotes in your communities so it doesn't show up on /v/all will they stop trying to disrupt.


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No one on v/ProtectVoat sides with anyone from SDBH. That's why they try to fill PV with shitposts and derail threads with off-topic comments: they're trying to destroy the subverse's credibility and fracture the community, and you're just helping them do it.

EDIT: I'm on the same target list as Sar and Mighty. I'm not anyone's alt, and I definitely didn't leave Reddit just to bring toxic waste like the SRS over here. Yes, they probably have a few accounts here, but you can't just go targeting entire subverses because people didn't agree with you that "circlejerk subverses have to be destroyed on sight".

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Jesus christ guys. Everybody isn't srs when they disagree with you. Sdbh are cast out circle jerking retards and protect voat isn't even close to srs.


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Does this seem like it has to do with anyone disagreeing with anyone? It's merely pointing out what they are doing. Why are you defending them?

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This. Been around that sub for a long while, never have they tried policing anyone. They just troll occasionally.

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See the last link; I've been complaining about this since I joined Voat a year ago. As I state down the rabbit hole in the first link, I didn't join Voat while it was still whoaverse (~2 years ago) because I told them their voting algorithm was trivial to exploit and they said Atko has said he will never ever allow anyone to change the voting algorithm, so I knew this would inevitably devolve into Reddit 2.0. It's painfully obvious if you just look at the clustering coefficients (who associates with who), then you see the same people mysteriously show up to the same random posts, and how they're all mysteriously in the same IRC chats, powermod the major subs and squat on all the minor ones.