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The non-response of the community manager can be found here. That's a direct link because archiving isn't working on that post for some reason.

EDIT: It finally archived, here's the archive link

Double EDIT: It's worth noting that removed posts include things like a GIF of a Disney Channel show with the Disney watermark clearly on it, removed due to the actress's boobs moving slightly in her shirt. So Imgur is now officially even more "wholesome" than the Disney channel. I can't find the goddamn post again though so if anyone sees it, tell me and I'll link it here.


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"We've always been at war with Eastasia"

Our rules always said xyz

Same thing.


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The hilarious part about that argument ("This has always been the rules...") is that it's blatantly and variably false.

NSFW links in comments were explicitly allowed in the imgur TOS up until about three months ago. And it's not like the change went unnoticed - there were quite a few highly-upvoted posts commenting on the unannounced change to the TOS. And now look at what we have.


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Is says "everything is based on user reports". Do we think they're lieing or is that really that bad?