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You already have a nation of uneducated people. Maybe saying 'all those people are stupid why bother teaching them' is a bit hasty. Why not look at the education system instead?

[If you don't have amazing passionate teachers who haven't been beaten down by the system] Schools only teach the local brand of propaganda and how to pass the tests. Any useful information taught is hard to retain due to the stressful environment of schools.

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I remember this two guys from first year art class. The first was a jackass but he worked hard when the teacher said "do it or fail the class". He got his act together and now he owns the local grocery store which is nice. The second was an asshole that never did anything telling the teacher "I'm gonna be a rapper. School is for people that don't know how to rap" and other such foolishness. I'm pretty sure he is dead now.

School is really wasted on some people and I have to agree with you that some people should not be there.


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I'm speaking in generalities and admit no experience with Ghetto Schools.

I think you make too many assumptions.

By no means do I think everyone is teachable - some individuals are way beyond any sort of education - however I believe most people generally have decent potential to learn if you teach to them.

If however you are teaching 20 individuals simultaneously, and they all have different learning styles and speeds, not one will get a decent education. Sure, some are able to adapt to varying degrees but even those students who prefer the learning style used in schools AND learn at the "correct" pace will be underperforming compared to their potential. At the end of the day the education system is set up in such a way that no student can get a decent amount of one-on-one learning (even group learners need it sometimes).


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Yea, let's look at the education system shall we?


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