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But his solution arrived in a batch with three other papers and when Mr Klartag found a mistake in one of them, he allegedly overlooked the two others for lack of time.


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But who validated his solution?


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First, it's on, which is like an open challenge: "I've got a proof that will soon be printed -- if you can find a problem, speak up." I know one mathematician who has made a career of doing nothing but poking holes in other proofs. Yes -- a lot of people hate him. I love him for it.

Next, the editor of the journal will try to get a consensus from readers and reviewers. This is actually easier in mathematics than in nearly every other field because you can think about when you want to object and why. In this case the publisher is Far East Journal of Theoretical Statistics, of Allahabad, India. Well, that's not the "gold standard" of "credible sources" but that doesn't mean it's wrong. We're left with this question: Do we trust their reviewers? (I would say yes but I respect the doubters.)

Why? Someone in the same field of research read the proof and was impressed. Basically, he wished he'd written it. That man is Donald Richards. What do? Well, tell people who would be interested. And he did. He got Rafał Latała to look at it. Latała assigned his grad student Dariusz Matlak to find what was wrong with the proof. He couldn't find a problem, so the grad student asked a Tilman Gneiting. Gneiting asked Alan Izenman. Slowly, people are starting to pile up who have said "Sounds good to me."

Still, he might be wrong... Have a look. If you find a mistake, tell the people named above. It could make you famous. I found some glaring, terrible errors in an article from 1946 that everyone accepted as "true". I gave a speech about it. The audience was ... dubious. Someone asked me to give another speech, so I did. That audience was less important, but more enthusiastic. They assigned some people to check it. I got a thumbs up, rewrote a few drafts. Now, it will be printed and other people will get to fight over it.