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I didn't want to give Gawker too much traffic for this, because their coverage is pretty terrible, but here is the source.

The headline itself is misleading. Spider-Man could be black, latino, or a mix of the two (Miles Morales, Miguel O'Hara), as they did not require Spider-Man to be portrayed by Peter Parker. Still, we're almost guaranteed to see him.

The author goes onto say that any super hero that is not a straight white male is stuck in the margin of comic books (sorry Captain Marvel, Wanda Maximoff, Sue Richards, Spider-Woman, Black Panther, Hulkling, Luke Cage, Northstar, Moondragon, et al.). This is an unfair assessment because it dismisses the street-level heroes not fighting space-gods (sorry She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel).

"There is no “real” Spider-Man, so it’s bogus to say that Spider-Man necessarily has to be anything, other than some kind of spider man, I guess."

It's like they're missing that the movies supposed to be based on the comics. If Harry Potter were a black lesbian girl, it would not have been Harry Potter.

The author goes on to call Peter Parker a "fucking dork" and Peter Parker a "total dweeb," missing the point that Peter Parker was a fucking dork and a total dweeb. Spider-Man was about the everyday challenges of growing up in suburban America that the readers (mostly male at the time) could relate to. That's who Peter Parker was, but that doesn't mean we won't ever see Miles Morales (Miguel O'hara will more than likely never be seen, but as long as the Time Stone is still out there, anything is possible).


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Sjws never make sense lol