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Remember how as a kid, when you wanted to know where a country is, you had to wait until you were home and search for that atlas.


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https://archive.is/hfJL5 :

How an artist reinvented the map in WWII- Mapping the Nation Blog

'In redrawing the map of the world, Harrison contributed to a reconsideration of America’s role in that world. '

'Throughout the war, Harrison dazzled readers of Fortune with artistic geo-visualizations of the political crises in Europe and Asia. '

'More Americans came into contact with maps during the Second World War than in any previous moment in American history. '

'In fact his images sit somewhere between art and cartography, supplying the missing link between the globe and the map. '

'The most important innovator to step into this breach was actually not a cartographer at all, but an artist. '

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